Your Social Media Presence Says a Lot

Successful social media can help you build your business.

Your social media presence can drastically influence your ability to build with Trunited. You can’t go out and recruit the right team in person these days, but you don’t need to…you have the ability to reach out to countless individuals right from the comfort of your home. You have unlimited prospects!

So Trunited Management Partners Carlos Salguero has provided us with some fantastic tips on how to make your presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. work better for you and your business. Here’s some helpful advice:

Social Media Tip #1: Clean Up Your Profile

Think about the type of people you want to attract to your team. You’re trying to recruit an A team of hard-working professionals, and those type of people are usually looking for the same. So your profile and presence should reflect that.

Go look at your social media accounts and take a third-party view. Make sure you have a good, solid profile picture of yourself and a good background. Avoid posts with polarizing information, like politics. Would your account attract the people you want to attract to your business? If not, clean things up.

Social Media Tip #2: Avoid “Pitching”

Have you ever posted something like this:

“I have the best business opportunity. Message me for details.”

If so, know that this rarely works. For the person on the other end, it’s like receiving a telemarketing call during dinner. It lacks substance, it’s impersonal, and it projects a red flag. Avoid doing this.

Social Media Tip #3: Create Engagement

Instead, you should be working to cultivate relationships and provide value. Social media algorithms reward posts and posters who get regular interaction. So create compelling content and create conversations that people care about. It doesn’t need to be anything complex. You’re an entrepreneur, so talk about your entrepreneurship. Ask questions and get opinions. Once people are engaged, you’ll find they are much more open to opportunities.

Ultimately, you’ll find success by treating this as a professional business built on principles. A business built for yourself deserves the same importance you would provide an employer. Reflect that in your social media, and you’ll soon see real results!