You Can Now Send Trunited Notes to Trunited Members Even If You Don’t Know Their Address!

The 31 Days of Gratitude in August are coming to an end. However, it’s always a great time to let those in your life know they’re appreciated. So we wanted to thank YOU by continuing to add great features to Trunited Notes. 🙂

As a Trunited Notes user, you can now select Trunited Customers as recipients for a Trunited Note even if you don’t know that person’s address!

The system uses the Trunited shoppers’ DEFAULT ADDRESS that they list to Trunited, so make sure you have your address in the Trunited system or you won’t show up as an option. Don’t worry…your address won’t be displayed; just your name.

This new feature means you’re only a click away from someone sending you a great card or even brownies!! Now THAT’S a reason to be grateful in September.


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