We’ve Added More Trunited Notes Templates and Are Taking Suggestions for Even More – notes@trunited.com

It’s so much fun to get a Trunited Note in the mail. We should know…The Notes keep pouring in to the Trunited offices. Thanks Everyone!

In appreciation, the Trunited Team has added a dozen new templates for Trunited Notes, and we’re taking suggestions for more!

You’re easily able to upload your own images or custom designs any time you’d like, but if you’ve got a more ambitious design you’d like a little help with…our team of writers and designers is here to help.

Email suggestions or requests to notes@trunited.com and you may see your design in the templates section soon!


Personal Touch Made Quick and Easy


Also, for those looking to make their own designs, one of our Master Marketers recommended a great site to use:



Helpful concepts and terms: (click to learn)

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