We Discovered the Five Biggest Differences Between Team Laurel and Team Yanny

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It’s the debate that has taken the world by storm:

Does this clip say “Yanny” or does it say “Laurel”?

Well, if you heard “Laurel” and your friend heard “Yanny” then you, My Friend, likely have a standstill. Democrats and Republicans…Yankees Fans and Red Sox Fans…Even the debate between the white and gold dress vs. the black and blue dress…

No two groups have ever been more divided than the Yannys and the Laurels.

So we did a little research to discover what distinguishes a Laurel person from a Yanny devotee.

Check Out the 5 Biggest Differences Between Team Yanny and Team Laurel:

1. Those who hear “Laurel” love getting paid cash every time they shop, while “Yanny” observers are more likely to transfer the money they earn by shopping to their Trunited Gift Cards for a 5% bonus.

2. Studies show that Yanny truthers love to “double dip” by buying gift cards and using those cards to earn more points online, while Laurel fiends tend to “triple dip” by finding great sales and then racking up double dip points.

3. Laurel fans start their day by going to The Wall, while Yanny fans often will listen to Dr. Nico for motivation first, and then will go to The Wall for news and deals.

4. If you listen to the clip and hear Yanny, records show you love earning points by sharing your personal URL. If you hear Laurel, you may be just as inclined to attach your personal URL parameter to any page on Trunited in order to get your guest shopper points. They both admittedly love to share https://secure.rezserver.com/sale/7844-hotel_deals?refclickid=guest

5. Members of Team Laurel claim they love their TruBoxes more than anyone else, while any self-respecting Yanny-advocate knows that Team Yanny is #TruBoxforLife.

The lesson, as always:

Though we might not always see (or hear) things the same way, when it comes to shopping and earning online, there’s nothing better than being

Truly United.



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