Vengo Energy


Vengo Energy is the brand for sports nutrition products under the NG Brands created by Trunited founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, to provide the Trunited user with an exceptional value, performance and earn back opportunity that other brands could not provide.

Vengo Energy is a health and fitness brand that offers consumers a healthier alternative to the caffeine and sugar loaded energy drinks on the market.  Packed with B-vitamins and taste that satisfies the pickiest of consumers, the sugar-free energy drink comes in carbonated Strawberry and Orange as well as carbonation free Apple.  Priced less than competitors with a 40-50% points earnings, Vengo Energy is a Trunited shopper favorite.

Brand tagline:  Quench your energy thirst!

Vengo is a Spanish word that means, “to come.”  It is pronounced “Vain-Go.”

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“I drink a nice cold vengo every morning to wake up and get a good start to my day.”


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Vengo- Quench Your Energy Thirst