Unique Opportunities

What do you do now when you need a hotel?

Chances are, you go online and search for the best deal. There are seemingly hundreds of sites dedicated to this particular service, but in the end they generally result in the same price.

Well, take that price and slash it by 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 55% or more and you have Trunited’s travel perks through Priceline.

(We’ve even seen it go higher than 80% on some occasions!)

Not only does Trunited offer the best hotel prices by far, but you also get patented Trunited earnings, up to 11% with every booking. Powered by Priceline, with a large variety hotel options in virtually every big city across the world, Trunited Travel is the only smart option when booking your next stay.

We’d say it’s worth the cost of joining Trunited all by itself, but there is no cost in joining Trunited!

So book a hotel today, tell your friends, and watch the smiles roll in. It’s just one of many opportunities through Trunited that every shopper should use.

A few other not-so-secret no-brainers from Trunited include:

Brand Bucks™ – You can now get huge savings every time you shop and earn thanks to Brand Bucks™! Brand Bucks™ are cards you buy online that provide instant savings on every purchase! And since you’re shopping through Trunited, you’ll also get instant profit points with every purchase! We’re adding more brands all the time, so make sure to check in regularly to see what you can save on next.

AmazingRebates.com – If you want big profit point payouts on great products, this is the site to go to! Special offers are available all the time, with profit point payouts often approaching 80%! Just click on the brand offering a deal, make a purchase through Amazon, and email Trunited for a rebate with the best payouts around.

Special Occasions – Available through Brand Bucks, Spring in the Air delivers the most beautiful long-stem roses you can imagine directly from rose farms in South America. These bouquets are the perfect gift for a loved one to show you care, and you can even join a club for special deliveries. You don’t get charged until the flowers are delivered, you get bonus profit points, and most importantly, you never stay in the dog house again!

These are just some of the special opportunities that make Trunited like no other, and we’re adding more all the time. To stay updated on all of the can’t-miss offers, make sure to stay informed through Shopper Central, follow leader webinars, and download the Official Trunited App!


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