Trunited’s Countdown to Spectacular Savings on the 4th of July

This 4th of July, we cordially invite you to celebrate your financial independence with Trunited!

Each day, for the entire week leading up to the 4th, we’ll highlight a retail brand on offering smoking deals in honor of America’s birthday. Then, on the 4th, it’s true fireworks, with a wide variety of deals that will blow your mind and give you (and your wallet) a reason to celebrate.

We’re only one day away from the big day, so brace yourself for spectacular savings and huge payoffs!

Also, make sure to check back each day this week, as we’ll be updating The Wall and this post with a new mind-blowing deal daily.

Tomorrow, we reveal our Spectacular Savings Surprise, and we think you’re going to have a lot of fun with it. (It’s a pretty cool deal, if we do say so ourselves!)

In the meantime, enjoy some great savings from one of the most popular retail brands on Sam’s Club is basically like Walmart if Walmart typed IN ALL CAPS. They go big. And there are always some amazing deals to be had if you’re a member. (If you’re not a member, we highly recommend it.)

This Independence Day, they’re ratcheting up the bulk bargains with huge savings on mattresses, furniture, major appliances, and outdoor living. You can get up to $1,500 off, and that’s BEFORE your earnings from shopping Sam’s Club through Trunited.

So have fun, and get ready for even more excitement tomorrow, when we finally reveal our Spectacular Savings Surprise!

We’re almost there! With just two days left to Trunited’s Spectacular Savings, there’s a lot to be excited about…and one of those things is the fantastic 4th of July sale currently available at Old Navy.

You can earn points by purchasing a gift card for Old Navy through Trunited, and then head down to your nearest location to grab a new outfit for your 4th of July party…Or, you could double down on points and earn even more cash back by using that card to shop Old Navy online.

Either way, you’re going to find yourself in great spirits earning money just for shopping at one of the nation’s most popular clothing stores. Plus, with the entire store on sale up to 60% off, there’s never been a better time!

We love what Macy’s is doing for their 4th of July sale.

They’ve got a huge clearance sale with items up to 70% off, which is great…but you can also save extra at Macy’s two ways this holiday season:

  1. You can put in promo code: FOURTH and get up to an extra 20% off purchases.
  2. You can give $3 to support veterans and military families and get an extra 25% off your purchases.

Plus, of course, you earn money back by shopping Macy’s through Trunited. For even more earnings, buy a Macy’s gift card to start your spending spree.

And feel great about your donation if you go with option two, because 100% of donations will benefit Blue Star Families, Bunker Labs, and Team Rubicon.


Home Depot and Walmart are big deals offering big deals, but Sears is also a big deal…and Sears is offering sales on almost everything on their site in honor of this Fourth of July.

Appliances? Up to 50% off.

Tools? Up to 50% off.

Top brand mattresses? Up to 60% off.

Sears is offering great sales on clothes, lawn and garden items, tires, and more.

AND when you shop Sears through Trunited, you earn money back.

Trunited also offers a Sears gift card that offers even ore chances to earn!

Make sure to sign in to Trunited first, and make sure to use the code: FIREWORK


When it comes to retail brands, there aren’t many names bigger than Walmart.

The big-box store giant has developed a well-earned reputation as THE place to go when you want to get something…ANYTHING…at a bargain. Over recent years, it has become an industry leader for online shopping as well.

So when Walmart has a sale, like their All American Savings Sale right not, it’s a big deal. We’re talking about bargain prices being reduced to even better bargains. Add in the fact that you can use Trunited to shop through Walmart and earn money back?!! It’s time to enjoy some All American Savings from Walmart!


Recently, Home Depot decided to change clearing houses and Trunited utilized it as an opportunity to set up a new relationship with the home improvement giant. This allowed us to get even better payouts!

Just to be clear, you can get paid back money for your regular online shopping with Home Depot just by signing in and shopping through Trunited. And…we also offer Home Depot Gift Cards for that double dip!

So what better way to kick off our week of Spectacular Savings than to let you know that Home Depot is already offering its annual Fourth of July “Red, White, and Blue Savings”? You can now get up to 40% off appliances at Home Depot!

Sign in to Trunited, buy a gift card, and go shopping for appliances. There’s never been a better time than now!



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