Priceline Travel Example Video Shows Ridiculous Savings

Priceline Travel is THE best place to book hotels. You can get huge savings, and you can get friends and family huge savings by sending them a link. It’s a no brainer even BEFORE you factor in the up-to-11% profit points handed out for every booking.

But do you realize just HOW amazing these deals are? Check out this video for just one example:

Not convinced yet? Do the research yourself! Log in, shop with Priceline thrhough, put in your code (trunited, all lowercase) and pretty much any city and date, and see the prices drop!

Check Out Priceline Travel Yourself by CLICKING HERE

Pro Tip: Order the options by “percent savings” and you can see the best deals first.

Note: The password is now “trunited”, all lowercase letters. It was changed from “loyal” since the video.


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Unique Opportunities 

Trunited Travel Video

Trunited Travel Password is Loyal