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Drs. Nico and Nicole have put their hearts and souls into developing Socialized Commerce into a powerful equalizer in the marketplace for consumers and an incredible opportunity for families everywhere. In this two-part series, hear directly from the Founder and First Lady of Trunited just how much time, effort, heart and soul goes into the Trunited experience.

Listen to the CD Dr. Nico and First Lady Nicole put together for the Trunited Nation, absolutely free of charge!

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A Message from First Lady Nicole:

The walls of my room are adorned with graffiti. Sloppy scribblings and equations cover the entranceway, floor to ceiling, with seemingly no rhyme or reason, a testament to many nights spent in pursuit of everything but sleep.

Yes, my bedroom walls are a glorified notebook.


It’s not the decorating choice I envisioned after pursuing a life in dentistry, and it’s certainly not what I expected after falling in love with the handsome, charismatic rock-star-of-a-man I met along that journey…But it’s also my favorite decoration in our entire house.

Because the unexpected things in life are often the best.

And those sloppy scribblings contain more rhyme and more reason than anybody else could possibly know.

I have graffiti all over my walls because I married a genius. And when an idea hits him, he writes it down. No matter what!

Nic writes notes like a teenager texts. Always and everywhere, regardless of what is going on around him.

He goes through notebook, after notebook, after notebook…They fill up fast.

But once in a while an idea is so pressing it needs to be preserved NOW. And if our walls have to suffer as a result, I’m at peace with that, because I know better than anyone that Nic’s ideas have the power to change lives for the better.

You see, it’s not always easy being married to a genius. But I married the best kind of genius.

Nic cares. He cares more than you could possibly know. More than anyone could possibly know, I imagine, without sharing a life with him.

The man is consumed with improving the lives of everyone around him, from his family and friends to the next person he meets to those he will never know.

It’s one of the things I love and admire most about him. We all want to make the world a better place, but Nic works toward that goal every single day. And I don’t care how brilliant you are, how much money you have or how inspired you are…Changing the world for the better is a battle that never ends.

There are roadblocks on every path and skeptics at every turn. And the passion and energy that allows Nic to thrive in ways most of us can only imagine can also work against him.
This man I married cares so much that he can’t help but push himself towards more. So when others don’t share that passion and drive and need to help in any way possible, that affects him too. He feels everything so deeply…the good AND the bad.

I see it as my honor to experience these highs and lows with him, as he does with me, and to come out of it stronger together. Because we have each other.

They say “behind every great man is a great woman”.

I like to say, “Beside every great man is a great woman”.

I’ve only known Nic as a “Great Man”. Someone to be admired and respected; a leader among men. When we met he was transforming the dental industry and I was a dentist in awe of the transformation.

But as I’ve gotten to know him better than anyone on this planet, it never ceases to amaze me just how great this man truly is.

Kind. Compassionate. Caring. But also driven to spread those ideals far and wide.

I say this not just as his wife and best friend, but as the person who knows him best. Dr. Nicolas Porter is an inspiration.

I know this because he inspires ME every day.

The thing about spending your time with a wall-writer is you begin to become a wall-writer yourself.

I have been there through almost every key moment in the creation of Trunited. I’ve seen Nic’s eyes light up with each breakthrough, and I’ve seen his heart shine through in every setback. I know what we have in Trunited and I know what we can have. What we will have.

That is pressure, because just like Nic, I feel that unique burden that only comes with doing something groundbreaking. I must do my best…I must BE my best…because my best can have a sincere, life-changing impact for so many people.

It’s the kind of stuff that would make anyone write on walls.

And it’s not the only thing on my mind at every moment.

I know I must do and be my best as a professional, as a role model, and as a mother. Because not only have I become the First Lady to two thriving, groundbreaking businesses, but I am surrounded by the love of a doting husband, three beautiful girls and a bouncing baby boy.

I am truly blessed, and I make sure to never forget that or take any of these blessings for granted.

I also understand the platform I have been given as the First Lady of Trunited, and I am determined to use it to help others in any way I can.

The best way I know how to do that is by being vulnerable and honest at all times. By letting you into our lives through the ups and the downs, the peaks and the valleys, and by never hiding how I feel.

I live a life of travel, fun, and freedom. Life is an adventure, and it’s an adventure I want to share with you. That’s why I write a First Lady blog, and it’s why I’m committed to, and excited about, a life of writing on walls.

Because this is a life I love. A life where I have time, money, and purpose. The freedom to see the best this world has to offer. The finest museums, the most picturesque landscapes, the activities and experiences that make you feel alive in the moment.

It’s a life I believe we all deserve, and a life I believe is attainable for anyone.

Not everyone. But anyone.

Nic and I believe that to our very core. That everyone is entitled to a life filled with freedom, and that such a life is always possible with the right mindset.

When it comes down to it, that’s what Trunited is: A path to that freedom. Turning a possibility into a reality. Working together to make a better life for us all, one person at a time.

A beautiful idea put into action.

So we can all see the best the world has to offer, then come home to something even better.

The walls of my room are adorned with graffiti.

And it is my absolute favorite work of art.


A Message from Dr. Nico:

Of all the things you could know about me, if I had a choice, the first thing I’d want you to know about me is my heart.

Have you ever believed in something so much that it hurt? Have you ever been so consumed by an idea that it was the first thing you thought about when you woke up each morning and the last thing you pondered before your head hit the pillow each night? Have you ever known a truth so vital that you just want to ride through town on horseback yelling it out like Paul Revere so nobody misses the message?

For me, that message is Socialized Commerce. Free access to a new kind of shopping that finally rewards the one person who has never fully benefitted from big business…YOU. Essentially, the idea that everyone by nature of existing has value in the shopping experience, has BUYING POWER, and that we all should be rewarded for our role in everyday commerce. The concept that commercial transactions shouldn’t make big companies, delivery services, and corporate types rich at the expense of the average family…And the realization that the best way to empower that family is to have it work together with other families for a common good, because we are bigger, better, and stronger together.

I am consumed by the idea that everyday shopping can make life better for everyone, and I want you to know my heart so you don’t miss the forest for the trees. So you fully understand the potential Trunited has to help you.

Socialized Commerce is a tool I have painstakingly crafted, with the help of countless individuals who just want better for you, for their friends and for their families, to even the playing field. To make life a little bit better for everyone who was never given a fair chance and to put money in the pockets of people who have had to struggle more than they should.

It is the first and last thing I think about each day, and something I truly believe in and deeply want for you.

Because Socialized Commerce is a reflection of my heart.

I grew up the fifth of eight children in a very small town in Arizona. My family never had much money, and it could be a struggle just to make ends meet. I didn’t always know how little we had, because I felt loved and cared for, but I knew things were tough. Putting food on ten plates is not an easy thing, and I still remember what it feels like going to sleep in a single-wide trailer, sharing a bed with four older brothers by pushing two twin beds together and having me sleeping in the crack of that bed because that’s where the youngest goes.

I remember wanting better for my family. Wanting to work hard that I can have nice things. Wanting to do everything in my power to improve not only my situation, but the situation of those around me.

The thing is, when you grow up from humble means, sometimes it’s hard to believe things can get better.

There’s nothing more common than wasted potential.

I can’t tell you how much time I wasted, how many opportunities I missed, because I didn’t believe in myself.

Coming out of high school, I was an exceptionally gifted athlete, or so I was told. I would go to baseball camps and run the fastest, throw the hardest, and hit the best. Then, I would be asked where I came from, and I would let my small town upbringing define my potential.

I thought that it mattered where you grew up. I thought that it mattered whether you had money or not. And it wasn’t until I stopped limiting myself that I started seeing my true potential.

My success in business has been the result of a gradual climb in belief in myself.

I’ll never forget the moment this concept clicked for me. I was working as a receptionist at a dental office making $10 an hour at a dental office. I had a small child and was putting myself through school, and my goal was to be a dental hygienist.

I mean, I wanted to be a dentist, but I didn’t really consider that a possibility for me. In my mind, dentists were people with a lot of money. Only the best and the brightest could be dentists. I was just a kid from a small town.

But the brother of the man I worked for, a very kind and generous doctor, one night said something very simple that struck me as the most profound thing I had ever heard.

He said, “Nic, 5 years are going to pass by, and you’re either going to be a dentist, or you are going to be a hygienist. It’s up to you and your choices.”

He was right. And that’s all I needed to hear. If you want to be a dentist, you have to take steps toward becoming a dentist, not a hygienist. Time will pass regardless. Regardless of our feelings, our desires, our wants…and the only thing that matters is the decisions we make with the time that we have.

And so I went to dental school. Became a dentist. Opened a practice and that practice, in the first eleven months, profited $1.3 million, from scratch. I asked myself again where I wanted to be in five years and gave up that million dollars a year to make nothing for a couple years so I could start a business. And within 3-4 years, I had developed a dental empire worth over $100 million.

My success in business has been the result of a gradual climb in belief in myself.

Think about my story, and then think about this famous quote…It’s one of my favorites:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Ask yourself if any part of you is secretly afraid of success, because that fear is the one thing that will hold you back on the journey we are about to take together. You simply can’t be afraid to be powerful because of one unassailable truth I’m going to share with you right now:

You ALREADY have more power than you realize.

The power to overcome obstacles. The power to make more money. The power to positively influence the lives of those around you.

It’s right there inside of you.

You have had this power all along, but in order to control it, you must first be able to acknowledge it.

You are powerful beyond measure.

But you HAVE to believe in yourself. And you HAVE to believe in things bigger than yourself.

Because my dear friend, five years are going to pass, and you’re either going to be what you want to be…or you’re not.

Here’s the future I see for Trunited and Socialized Commerce…One million households making $500 each per month in extra income. Many making much more than that. And all of them doing it without changing what they buy or how much they spend on their monthly purchases.

I truly believe this will happen, and it will happen because the pay plan structure for Trunited is unmatched in its generosity and flexibility.

The seeds of Trunited were planted when a friend approached me in tears. Tremendously successful in a well-known network marketing business, he was devastated that no matter what he did to help, he couldn’t get the business to work for those in his group. He was making money, but nobody else was seeing the success that he so badly desired for them.

So I got to work. I started researching compensation plan after compensation plan after compensation plan and I soon began to realize that they were all the same.

It turns out, the direct sales industry is booming. Did you know that direct sales or network marketing does $35 billion a year in US Sales alone, with five straight years of growth? Or that 50,000 people join this industry every week? The concept of paying consumers for their role in driving product sales is incredibly powerful!

But did you also know that 50% of these individuals leave that company? It’s an industry with a horrible retention rate because most people don’t make money, and the only ones who do are at the top of the pay structure.

I wanted to take the aspects of direct sales that capture that unbelievable growth and interest while taking away all the pain from the end user and getting rid of all of the reasons so many people leave.

And it is incredibly complicated. I have notebooks filled with late night concepts and the walls of my bedroom are covered with ideas to improve Socialized Commerce because I never stop thinking of how to make it better for you. That’s a true story!

But when it comes down to it, here are the things that separate Trunited from everyone else:

One. Admission is free. And this was important to me. No one has ever built something free.

There was always a huge fee to join, then fees for marketing tools, minimum purchases and various other financial commitments.

But I want you to use Trunited because it helps you, not because you feel stuck or invested.

Doing this for free is hard, because we are naturally skeptical. And if you’re not invested in something financially, it’s easy to just stop using it.

But I wanted something that would help people, not just for the short term, and not just for early investors…but something long-lasting and meaningful that could impact lives.

And the best way to make something sustainable is to ensure that every single person is winning, particularly the end user.

So there are no fees to join or shop, and there are no minimum purchases.

Which brings me to another huge difference with Trunited.

We have a pay structure that is completely detached from any one product or set profit margin.

Now this may be difficult to understand if you haven’t studied compensation plans in the depth that I have. But let me just say that most direct sales companies start with one product and build a rigid compensation plan around that product. And when your pay structure is built on a product with a 200-500% margin, then all products must meet that standard in order to be profitable. Which means pricing gets out of control.

Trunited’s compensation plan is plug and play. It works with any product or brand because it is all based on a shared profit pool and a unique algorithm that ensures everyone is compensated fairly so that their input to that profit pool directly equals their output.

With the Pay Plan 360, Trunited can take any brand, company or product and say, “Our Network will consume your product so long as you pay into the Profit Pool which pays the Network every month.”
“So how much will you pay us to buy your product?”

The brands get access to a loyal and powerful group of like-minded consumers, the Network, and in turn that Network of consumers finally gets compensated for that brand loyalty.

Trunited is the platform where brands meet customers in a way that is the most historic synergistic relationship of our time. Everybody wins.

And every decision is governed by the Profit Pool. Because at the end of each month, every cent after expenses goes into that pool to be divvied up among the Network. So the more we purchase from the Trunited Marketplace, the more everybody makes. So the more we can cut costs on expenses, the more everybody makes. And the more people join, the more buying power we have, and yes, the more everybody makes, which creates an amazing synergy throughout the Network as well.

It’s vital to understand that Trunited doesn’t take money out of that pool. I get paid the same way you do, as a member of the Network. So all of the money that normally goes to middlemen like platforms, stores, advertising and high paid executives goes back to the Profit Pool. And everyone who contributes to the profit pool, gets their fair share back each month.

That means every single customer in Trunited gets compensated. Everyone. It’s a system that rewards the end user, and not being attached to a particular product or profit is the single best way to do that, because it means normal and even bargain pricing, which is unheard of in this industry.

That is the other huge difference with Trunited, and it is everything…

You’re buying the products you buy anyway at prices that you already spend, or even better.

Trunited is connected to myriad Direct-to-Consumer brands that are lining up to pay the Trunited Network and get access to a loyal customer base. These are high quality companies with great products and prices who have agreed to pay the Network large kickbacks for each product purchased, sometimes up to 70% back!

Plus, we have affiliate relationships with the who’s who of global brands. So you can shop through our online portal at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Amazon and more and buy gift cards from the top retailers and restaurants all while earning money back. You don’t have to buy more than you already do, you just have to buy smarter and you can start earning immediately.

Your earnings directly correspond to how much each purchase adds to the profit pool, so the high percentages from direct to consumer brands are like gold, and the global brands and gift cards are an added bonus of ease that makes Socialized Commerce a no-brainer for any end user.
And that’s all anyone has to be to benefit from Trunited. You get earnings with every purchase. Free to join, no minimums, great prices and products and access to global brands and gift cards.
It’s the ultimate shop and earn experience.

And if you wish, once you become a raving fan of Trunited and the amazing products and payouts, you can shop, earn, connect others, and earn more. Because Socialized Commerce is all about maximizing everyone’s buying power, we offer the most generous affiliate program available.

It’s easy, it’s intuitive, and it’s lucrative. It’s a way to give you and the people you love a chance to earn significant income just by shopping smarter and helping others to do the same. One million households making $500 per month. Imagine what that will look like in five years.

There is more to the wonders of Socialized Commerce than you can imagine, and we are growing and evolving as a community every single day. Fine-tuning the details to make everything optimal for every single person in the Network.

Did you know…it takes six hours to build a Toyota, and six months to build a Rolls Royce?

All of these other companies charge an arm and a leg for promotional materials and educational tools. But I’m not interested in that. I believe in you, and I’m willing to make that investment in those willing to invest in themselves.

Trunited doesn’t charge for marketing tools because when one person succeeds, we all win. So make sure to utilize the immense tool chest of free resources at your disposals. Watch TruLessons videos, read the written guides, and take the quizzes. Catch up on our Trutips series. Read the Pay Plan 360 Guide and check out Trunited in Six Pix. Print out business cards or promotional materials and save and earn through our TruServices printing feature. Invest some time in knowing the process not only so you can build your network the right way, but so you can help others build the right way. And use those who connected you and have had success as the greatest resource of all. We’re all here to aid you on this journey because it is a journey we all take together.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I’m not in the position I’m in, I’m not speaking to you now, because I just figured it out on my own. I am sitting here because I humbled myself and I let people in my life, and I let them tell me what I wasn’t doing right. I let them help me figure out how to think like a successful person.

I realized that no great feat is accomplished without the help of a mentor, without someone that genuinely cares and that can offer you the guidance that you deserve.

What you’re trying to do now is bigger than you. What you’re trying to accomplish, the success, you can’t do it by yourself.

Sometimes you need somebody to put his or her arm around your shoulder and tell you, “I’m going to show you how to do what I do.”

To me, that’s value. That’s what is different about this company.

That’s why this company exists.

I’m fueled by knowing that I can do for others what was done for me.

And you know what? Once you’ve become established, once you really understand the system, once you’ve truly learned to dream big, you’re going to realize that you have that power as well.

You can affect the lives of your friends, your family, and even the people you come into contact with in your daily life.

You have the power to impact lives.

Because this isn’t about accumulating profit points or making the most connections you possibly can. At the end of the day, it’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Being a part of a family. Because Trunited is the best second family you will ever find.

We. Are. Stronger. Together.

So take the time to learn about the Give to Grow concept. And give. Grow success for others and I promise you, your success will follow.

Don’t just tell people about Trunited. Show them. Show them the many benefits of the TruWallet, why the TruBox is the single most important asset in growing the Profit Pool, and how to turn a seed into a circle. Show THEM what Give to Grow really means and live it in your daily life. Show them that just like everything is in place for you to shop and earn with no fees, no hassles and no learning curve, everything is also in place for ANYONE to shop, learn, connect and earn to get as much out of Socialized Commerce as you put into it.

The sky is the limit, my friend, and you can’t be afraid to trust in something. So trust in this second family. Trust in others. Trust in ourself.

Because the alternative is to take the common route. And time will pass by no matter which path you take.

So you have to ask yourself, “What do I want to be in five years?”

Powerful beyond measure, or common?

Trust me…

There is nothing more common than a talented individual who lacks self-belief.

There is nothing more common than a discontent individual who is afraid to change.

There is nothing more common than a promising life unfulfilled.

There is nothing more common than the guy who complains about how much people complain.

There is nothing more common than a skeptical friend who thinks he knows what is best for you.

There is nothing more common than a critic with no solutions, no plan, and no purpose.

There is nothing more common than a decision made out of fear.

Except a decision not made…also out of fear.

There is nothing more common than the dreamer who never does.

There is nothing more common than the doer who never dreams.

There is nothing more common than a writer who never writes, a financial planner with no money, or a life coach with no life.

There is nothing more common a gym membership that goes unused.

Except maybe an order of two big macs and a diet coke.

There is nothing more common than two people on a date who won’t look up from their phones.

Except those who complain they have nobody in their life to listen.

There is nothing more common than an excuse.

Except the person who says “I’m not making an excuse…BUT…”


There is nothing more common than doing the same thing you’ve always done and expecting different results.


But when I look over the group of individuals who have joined Trunited, when I evaluate the amazing men and women who have gone outside of their comfort zones and taken this unique path with me, there is nothing more common than uncommon success.

IN THIS GROUP, there is nothing more common than the man or woman with the indomitable warrior spirit that develops when you desperately want to provide a better life for your family.

IN THIS GROUP, there is nothing more common than the future leader with the eye of the tiger, ready to take the world and make it his or her own.

IN THIS GROUP, within Trunited, there is nothing more common than people who want to explode with passion because they finally believe again.

IN THIS GROUP, there is nothing more common than those who care about something bigger than themselves. Nothing more common than those who are not afraid to be powerful beyond measure. Nothing more common than good-hearted, passionate people who want to pursue their purpose and even more to help others achieve THEIR purpose.


The first thing I want you to know is my heart.

So you understand the first thing I want you to SHARE is my success.

Be uncommon.
Be remarkable.

Be the you that you want to become in five years.

Then help others do the same.

Let’s build a better future today. And let’s build it together.



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