The Myth of the Trunited Scam

If you find yourself on this page, chances are you’ve searched “trunited scam”, or something similar while looking for information on whether or not Trunited is a scam.

Let’s address this clearly:

  1. Trunited is absolutely not a scam.
  2. We fully support you doing as much research as is necessary to feel comfortable and to reach that conclusion on your own.

Dr. Nico, the founder of Trunited, created the platform as a way to take the hugely successful multi-level marketing industry and make it work for the everyday consumer. We fully understand the trepidations that come with joining anything based on the network marketing model because we share your concerns.

It’s why Trunited exists: to take those issues that have plagued this industry (sign-up fees, top-down payouts where only the first people in succeed, garages full of unused products) and provide an option where those aren’t issues.

Trunited requires no fee to join and no fee to become a marketer. There is no cost for marketing tools. Every single person who uses the platform benefits, and there are countless measures in place to ensure equity for every single user.

We have myriad options for you to utilize on the platform. You can buy gift cards from hundreds of brands, shop online with your favorite stores, book hotels on huge discounts, go to shows and concerts, and much more. We don’t want you to ever spend money you wouldn’t be spending anyway. We just want you to spend it in a smarter way that benefits you, your family, your friends, and the rest of the Trunited Nation.

But please, don’t take our word for it.

Do your research. There’s plenty of information out there, because we believe strongly in transparency. There are a ton of links below, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Browse The Trunited Way. Check out The Wall. Talk to current shoppers on Trunited.

We’re here to make the everyday shopping experience better for you, but that only happens when you can trust that experience. That is why we’re hard at work every single day: to be worthy of that trust.

We never want the myth of the “Trunited scam” to grow. We want your faith in us to grow, and the only way we know how to do that is by earning it.

Thank you for reading! We hope to see you among our loyal shoppers in the near future!


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