Trunited Notes is the Personal Touch That Can Set Your Business Apart

In an overwhelmingly digital world where efficiency drives relationships and communication, we all too often resort to spraying news, celebration, congrats and kind gestures through a text, email or tweet. High tech has taken over high touch in every sense of the word. But like anything else, where one door closes, the opportunity to stand out as the one who hasn’t forgotten the value and nostalgia of a note in the mail rises to an all time high.

A thoughtful gesture makes you stand out to friends and family members these days, so just imagine the power a business owner can harness by becoming the most thoughtful, sincere, appreciative person in a customer’s day.

Trunited Notes is a powerful message every business should be sending to their clients, both literally and figuratively.

By delivering a personalized, beautifully presented note and gift (if you so choose) to new and standout customers, you’re letting them know that you’re someone who cares. That’s not something people take lightly.

Own a law office and want to deliver a thank you note for the referral of a new client?  No problem.  Just import, customize and press send.  Trunited Notes  back end operations takes care of the rest and it’s delivered to the recipient within 2-3 days.  Boom!

If you’re a doctor, reach out to every new client with flare and consideration and earn the trust so many patients require.

If you’re a real estate agent, send a high-touch card to a high-end client. Get creative! Selling a house by a golf course? You can send a customized golf ball with your logo and a message along with the card.

Need to send invites to next month’s company party?  No problem.  Import, customize and press send!

Any communication you need, Trunited Notes can deliver – at a fraction of the cost and with a delivery and engagement rate 8 times the digital counterpart.  The value of your communication rises with Trunited Notes.

Personal Touch Made Quick and Easy


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Trunited Notes is the Personal Touch That Can Set Your Business Apart

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