Trunited Notes is the Perfect Tool Every Master Marketer and Loyal Shopper Should Love

Attention: Master Marketers, Aspiring Master Marketers in Trunited, and Loyal Shoppers Alike

We just made it easier to shop, share, and earn!

You can now send beautiful, high-touch personalized cards (and gifts if you so choose!) in the mail to as many people as you want as often as you’d like and make each one feel like the most important person in your life. And you can do it within the Trunited system, which means:

  • This is the most affordable option on the market, with cards costing less than $1.50 each before postage and the chance to bring that price down to as low as $1.09 each based on volume. Think about all that’s included in that price-per-note: a card, an envelope (that’s $5.99 at Walgreens), customizing, stuffing, addressing, and sending – all for a buck and some change.
  • It’s from the mind of Dr. Nico, so it’s based on a proven track record of success. There is tremendous value in these messages…knowing that a kind note will result in better engagement is truly immeasurable!  Dr. Nico credits writing welcome letters to new patients as one of the foundational aspects to his success in dentistry.

    If one of my Risas new patient welcome letters brought in ONE patient who was considering not coming back, that $1.50 just made me $1200 on average. On the flip side, had I not sent it, the cost would have been $1200. The value of the unforeseen is always more costly one way or the other than a small investment.” – Dr. Nico

  • You get back 30% profit points on the cards AND the gifts!
  • We’ve made everything customizable while also offering fun Trunited-theme and special occasion-themed templates. We’ll also add more templates in the future.

There is no better way to connect new Loyal Shoppers and there is no better way to engage with those you’ve already connected than with Trunited Notes. Anyone can qualify for Marketer Match each month just by using Trunited Notes to bring smiles to their friends, family, and fellow Trunited shoppers. Plus, it’s done through Trunited Gift Card balances, which means the Nation is maximizing Payout Pool profit with every note!

And the best part? That’s not even what Trunited Notes is for…It’s an amazing tool to help small businesses and reach out to family and friends that also happens to be a great way to recognize someone for a job well done or to keep in touch with individuals in your Trunited network by sending them a Note.  Who would have thought?  Shop, do business and earn at the same time.  There’s a million things you can do with Trunited Notes.

Personal Touch Made Quick and Easy


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Trunited Notes is the Perfect Tool Every Master Marketer and Loyal Shopper Should Love