Trunited Notes Brings Back the Warmth of Greeting Cards with the Convenience of the Digital Age

In Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, The Tipping Point, the acclaimed sociologist talks about moments of critical mass where an idea takes off and has a large impact on society. One of the key agents of these moments of change is a certain type of individual Gladwell refers to as a “Connector”.

These are people “with an extraordinary knack for making friends and acquaintances” and people “with a special gift of bringing the world together.” Connectors are the ones who know how to make everyone in their lives feel special.

Trunited Notes is a chance for you to be the Connector of your social circle without needing innate networking talent or a tireless work ethic. All you need is a Trunited account and now you can send personalized cards to friends, family, and acquaintances as often as you’d like with remarkable ease.

Have you ever said to a good friend, “I’m so sorry I’m not better at keeping in touch”?

Do you only reach out to people on their birthdays because Facebook reminds you to send a quick message? (Trust us, they know that’s why!)

Can you imagine the smile on your favorite relative’s face when she goes to get the mail and finds a surprise card from you? What if it came with special gift as well?

Introducing Trunited Notes, high touch communication that delivers personalized one-on-one attention that makes the recipient feel like they’re the only one in your life that matters.

We’ve taken the efficiency of a text, email, or social network blast message and delivered it in a format that will undoubtedly impress each person who is lucky enough to be on the contact list you’ve imported. This proprietary tool is what makes Trunited Notes a breeze to use.

Import, customize, press send, and bam! Personalized high touch communication is delivered to as few or as many recipients as you’d like. You handle the quick and easy set up and we handle the rest. Within a few days of your order, each recipient will receive a beautifully presented note and gift (if you so choose). Expect to hear from everyone you reach out to, because that’s how special one will feel upon arrival of your personalized gesture.

Who wouldn’t rather receive a letter in the mail instead of a carbon copied email or that same happy birthday Facebook post they got from 100 other people that day?

Forget writing Thank You Notes! Stop folding, printing, stuffing and driving to the post office! Most of all, stop the digital communication madness because no one is reading what they consider spam. Your message is too important to go by the wayside. With Trunited Notes, you can master engagement AND efficiency at the same time!

Trunited Notes lets you create projects with any picture and message you want that you can save and send to anyone and everyone as often as you’d like. You can add a gift like brownies or truffles and you can even customize products like mugs and golf balls for an extra special treat!

Become the Connector of family and friends you’ve always wanted to be, and do it with ease.

Personal Touch Made Quick and Easy


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Trunited Notes Brings Back the Warmth of Greeting Cards with the Convenience of the Digital Age

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