Trunited Nation Passport

The Trunited Nation Passport is a user interface control panel in the back end of a Trunited user’s account.  To access the passport, a user must sign in to their account – the Trunited Nation Passport exists on the homepage of the back end once the user has signed in.  The term “passport” is used as a play on words for the typical Nation Passport that is issued to citizens of a country.  In Trunited, the Trunited Nation is a term used to describe the Trunited community of users.  The emphasis on “nation” is placed to invoke a sense of belonging to a subgroup – similar to belonging to a country within a continent.  While the term passport is used with pride in Trunited, it is strictly a cultural statement and does not have the intention of being more than a work of parallelism.

The design of the passport was first released with Trunited 3.0 and has undergone some changes.  Broken into 4 rectangle 16×9 shapes with 4 parts, the Passport looks like a flag.  The upper left section contains the personal data of the user along with a color that corresponds to the user’s rank or title.  The upper right section contains the user’s statistics and important business intelligence data.  The lower right section displays the user’s Truwallet account information, including income and Trunited gift card credit balances, and action buttons that allow the user to transfer, withdraw, shop, buy or share balances with another user.  The lower left section is a special badges section, used for special deals and promotions when offered by brands.  When no offers are available, this lower left section is empty.  Trunited intends to do a design update of the Trunited passport some time in 2018 or early 2019.

“My passport offers all the info I need to know about my role as a marketer in one convenient location.”


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Protecting the Point Value, Profit Point, Point Value, Payout Pool, Payback Percentage, Connection, TruWallet, Marketer, PacesetterBonus Points


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