Take the Trunited Challenge

As a Trunited member, you have access to a ton of products, brands, and services. So many brands are willing to pay you for your loyalty that it can sometimes be, well, a little overwhelming.

Let’s face it…shopping, sharing, and earning is a beautiful thing.

But what you really want is to shop, share, and EARN MORE.


The Trunited Challenge is a simple, two-step process designed to build consistent, sustainable income for you and yours.

The concept is simple: Take One. Drink One. Find One.

Take Healthy Vida each day. Or drink Vengo. Find one other person each month who will do the same.

If you follow that challenge and get others to do the same, you’re looking at $12,000 per month of income within one year.

It’s all mapped out in our online Trunited Challenge Calculator.

The calculator shows potential earnings when you order Healthy Vida, Vengo, or both for your monthly TruBox and add one person each month who:

  1. Sets up a TruBox with one of the core products arriving each month
  2. Adds one person per month who sets up their TruBox with a core product and also adds one person per month

Play around with the calculator and you’ll see that after one month, you’re making $6 per month.

By month 4, you’re making $48 per month…which means the Healthy Vida is now essentially paying for itself.

After 8 months, you can make a car payment on a really high-end new car.

After 10 months, you’re approaching the yearly salary of a full-time job.

And by one year, your residual income projects to be “$12,288” per month. That’s a 6-figure yearly income.

All numbers are based on continued involvement in the Trunited Challenge and a point value of $0.20. (If you want to see truly inspiring numbers, toggle the product option and see what happens when you do the challenge with the Healthy Vida AND Vengo!)

This all works because the Healthy Vida Power Pack Daily and Vengo Energy Drinks are the perfect products for the Trunited platform.

The Power Pack Daily is a daily multivitamin, multimineral, and brain booster all in one convenient pack. It improves your health, and it’s something you can use reliably each day to make your physical and financial health a routine priority.

Vengo energy drinks are the best! Vengo is an energy drink for those who want crisp, clear flavors and a natural boost that isn’t bogged down by carbs, calories, or sugar. It’s a product so many people can get behind and enjoy daily.

You can get a month supply of either for just $50, and you can use our TruBox feature to have it shipped to you every month. When you factor in the standard TruBox 10% bonus, that means ordering either product alone will get you to 30 points.

So all you have to do is set up an auto-shipment with TruBox and you’re now a Marketer every month!


Take one Healthy Vida packet every day or drink a Vengo each day for the next 12 months and find one other person each month to do the same. You’re participating in the Trunited Challenge.

Now, make sure you and your connections each find one person each month to commit to the Trunited Challenge. That’s all you need to do to build a Network of like-minded, driven people. You’ll soon find that you’re getting paid, they’re getting paid, and the people they’re finding are getting paid. You’re all helping each other, which is what Trunited is all about.

If you’re serious about making money with Trunited, hear this now: The Trunited Challenge is the key to lasting and profound results.

Take One. Drink One. Find One. And find yourself set for life.