Trunite 2018: The Event That Keeps on Giving


What can we possibly say that would do Trunite 2018 justice?

From emotional, inspirational speeches from the Top Earners to Dr. Nico’s rousing keynote…it was a weekend to remember.

Friday night was packed. The Top Earners enjoyed an evening of great food and even better conversation with Dr. Nico, and then all qualified achievers gathered together for Dr. Nico’s big announcements.

There were so many loyal shoppers who earned 200 personal points and/or 1000 match points that Marriott had to bring in extra chairs. They weren’t necessarily needed though…Dr. Nico’s big reveals led to several standing ovations!

Saturday was even more spectacular. The Top Earners were all given a chance to speak, and nothing written here could do justice to those performances. They were alternately hilarious, captivating, and heart-wrenching…and they were ALL unbelievably inspirational.

To quote Dennis Burback, “we are BBB…Blessed Beyond Belief” to have so many talented and giving individuals associated with Trunited…including the managing partners! Mike Popovich, Ron Yeager, and Carlos Salguero gave impactful presentations (and Barb Popovich stole the show), Vonda brought the house down with her incredible insight on Trunited Notes,  and Dr. Nico brought us home the way only Dr. Nico can!

So here we are, with so many enhancements…It’s easier than ever to be a Promoter and a Pacesetter…and so many things to look forward to in the near future.

Trunited Notes 2.0…

The Amazon Rebate Club…

The Ability to Add Businesses to the Platform…

The Trunited Payment Button…

And more is all coming soon to THE earnings platform near you!

With all of these added features and earning enhancements, you have everything you need to qualify for the next event at Dr. Nico’s house on December 28-29. We can’t wait to see you there!


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The New Promoter and Pacesetter Qualifications

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