Three Ways to Earn Points

There are three ways to accumulate points as a pointholder in Trunited:

  1. Individual Purchases
  2. Guest Shoppers
  3. Marketer Match


  1. Individual Purchases

Being a customer in Trunited is easy. There are no fees. There are no minimum purchases. There are no obligations or contracts.

All you have to do to earn cash with Trunited is to join for free and start using the platform. Every pointholder earns cash back and those who know how to best utilize the system will find even greater success.

When you’re paid as a pointholder, it’s smart to think like a pointholder. Smart shopping saves Trunited money, and those savings get passed directly on to you. Some things to keep in mind when shopping on

A. Products with the most points

Sometimes you don’t know where to start.  Do you do a gift card, retailer brand or try one of the Big Reward Brands.  Don’t worry too much, just start with something and begin to understand the process during your first purchases over your first month.  Loyalty doesn’t come overnight and Trunited knows that.  It is a slow dance as you get to know things and trust that your best interests are at the forefront in all of this.

When deciding on the first purchase, it makes sense to buy something you were planning to buy for a while or go Big for Big Rewards and venture in to products that you may have seen before, but never in the store.  That’s because these brands don’t have shareholders, usually.  They also don’t have high costs of operation.  This leaves them open to the largest payout that Trunited can find.  The bigger the commission back, the bigger the amount that will be paid out to the Trunited Community.  Any items that yield big points will also yield a solid impact to the point value.    This is a very important factor because it greatly impacts the point value and the earnings of each pointholder.

It makes common sense.  If a brand pays back 70%, the more the community buys of it, the higher the point value will be.  On the contrary, the more the 10% brand is bought, the point value will be lower by comparison.

B. The TruBox Club

One of the larger costs Trunited incurs is warehousing and shipping costs, so anything that cuts down on those costs allows for more money in the Payout Pool and more money in pointholder pockets. That’s why the TruBox Club is so effective.

The TruBox Club is a monthly subscription service that allows you to pre-select products from any and all of Trunited’s Big Reward Brands and have them automatically delivered to you each month in one shipment.  It helps with consolidating orders and shipments in the event you buy two orders and want to combine the orders with the next Trubox shipment.  As long as the order is over $49, it’s good to go.

The TruBox allows you to get the products you need today, yesterday.  It also helps the Brands forecast their inventory needs which saves them and earns Trunited 10% more that is passed on to you.

It is fully controlled by you with no contracts and only one rule:  Your order must be over $49 and it Ships FREE!  It’s the perfect solution for a busy world.

C. Special Occasions and Every Day Dealings

Once you get used to using Trunited, you’ll want to use it for everything you do online. Don’t forget, however, that it’s often the best solution for purchases you haven’t traditionally made online. Trunited is connected to so many global retailers that it’s easy to miss out on free cash just waiting for you.

Trunited also offers a special occasions feature, “Never Forget to Send Flowers, Again!”  This feature allows you to set up an entire year of special occasions and automate the shipping of any product to a person as a gift.  Here you can order farm to table flowers for loved ones on important days for the entire year.

TruServices printing, where you can get big money back for all your printing needs. is filled with opportunities for cash back on almost anything you do (and is adding brands and features all the time), so make sure to familiarize yourself with everything so you don’t miss out on free money. Trunited Travel and Trunited Tickets are incredible options to help you get a return on the money you are spending anyway.

D. Trunited Gift Cards

There is a fee incurred by banks when pointholders and marketers withdraw money from their TruWallet. You are not charged this fee, but it does factor into the cost of doing business and affects the point value and Payout Pool.

On the other hand, it benefits us all whenever money made in the platform and collected in your TruWallet is invested back into the Trunited Marketplace. That’s why Trunited offers a 5% bonus when profit points are transferred to a Trunited Gift Card.


2. Guest Shoppers

Another great way to earn profit points through Trunited is by bringing guest shoppers to the platform. This is simple, easy, and lucrative.

Simply use our system to link to Trunited products or make use of our Trunited fundraising feature and you’ll be able to attract people who may not be familiar with Trunited yet while earning profit points on THEIR purchases.

Guest shoppers encompass anyone who is not signed up through Trunited. They do not earn cash back, but their purchases do contribute to the Payout Pool, so you are rewarded directly for your influence with 100% credit in profit points for each guest customer purchase made through you.


3. Marketer Match

Every pointholder in Trunited gets profit points for purchases, but you may have noticed that to earn the really big money you need more points than personal purchases will allow. That’s because at its core, Trunited is a loyal-lead generating marketing company. We’re building the world’s most effective and expansive marketing team, and all you have to do to become a part of it is demonstrate a little social influence.

Remarkably, there is no subscription or fee necessary to become a Trunited Marketer. All you need to do is acquire 30 points each month and connect one other person who also earns 30 points.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to celebrate! You’ll receive a personal invitation from Trunited Founder and Visionary Dr. Nico to join our marketing team and a link to Marketer Central to register and agree to terms.

Again, there is no fee or subscription to become a Trunited Marketer. All Trunited wants to see is that you have the influence as we build the most energized, skilled marketing team in the world.

Once you agree to terms, you’re a Trunited Marketer, and that title comes with a very important distinction. Marketers get match points.

To continue to qualify for the marketer match, you just need to maintain 30 points each month and have at least one personal connection who is earning 30 profit points or more.  You’ll get credit not only for your personal points, but now you will match on points that are within your earned depth credit.

Let’s look at how this affects your point total, assuming the value of a point is 25 cents:

If as a pointholder you do 100 points at the 25 cent point value, you have earned $25.


First of all, take a second to acknowledge how awesome that is. You joined Trunited for free and all you did was shop online. Plus, 100 points in a month is pretty easy.

Trunited has access to almost any retailer you can think of, plus offers huge profit points for purchases through those high-quality Big Reward brands. Plus, don’t forget you also get credit for any points from your guest customers. So send a few links to cool products out, buy what you would normally buy, and making $25 per month is easy.

But watch how cool it gets when you’re a Trunited Marketer:

Now you’ve obtained 100 points for your purchases and guest purchases, plus 100 more points for your connection. That’s 200 points now instead of 100 points. You’ve now doubled your cash just by marketing to others, which means now you’re pulling in $50 that month!


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