Three Areas of Commerce

Products through Trunited generally fall into one of three categories:

  1. Gift Cards

Every day retailers who pay when you shop.

Trunited is connected to a “who’s who” of well-known and respected retailers across the globe and is negotiating deals with new brands (and better deals with existing brands) at all times. These are the retail stores you already shop with online. Simply take an extra step and get a gift card through Trunited to earn money for those purchases.

It’s easy, simple, and rewarding. Take that one extra step to go through Trunited, and there’s no reason you can’t get paid for virtually anything and everything you already buy.

  1. Brand Bucks Cards

In addition to offering cash back for shopping with the biggest retailers across the globe, Trunited partners with several modern day high-quality online-grown companies and brands who have agreed to provide even larger paybacks to Trunited pointholders. The advantage these brands have compared to many brick and mortar stores is they carry fewer expenses and can offer larger payouts back to Trunited.  While all of the retailers on Trunited provide a no-brainer advantage to our pointholders, we’ve gone all-in with these brands because we see them as the future of commerce.

As stated before, these brands have often seen large success on other platforms with millions in sales and significant brand recognition, but they are still able and willing to pay a premium to Trunited for access to the most prepared loyal shoppers on Earth.  This is the purpose of Trunited and it sets the tone and platform for many who qualify to become part of the best marketing team in the world.

Never again should you have to reward brands with your patronage unless they reward you back. The most common way they do that is through Brand Bucks™.  These cards have changed the game in the world of saving with online purchases! Buying Brand Bucks™ will bring you incredible savings 365 days a year when you need it most!

Everyday, not just on special occasions, Brand Bucks™ is here for your shop and save needs. $10 Saved is $10 Earned. Get a card through Trunited and open the door to incredible savings any day of the year!

  1. Unique Opportunities

Trunited has other opportunities to earn, and is adding more all the time. Be sure to look in to Trunited Travel the next time you book a hotel. Get on auto-ship to ensure you meet the marketer match every month. Or add huge points through!

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