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What it means:

The Wall is a term used to describe the page and its contents.  This page provides quick and easy access to Trunited and other business news, reviews, deals, common terminology and a list of Trunited product categories and affiliated brands.  It provides visibility of the most important platform details on one page for streamlined navigation and widespread communication to the Trunited community.

The Wall is set up to provide quickness and efficiency to the user experience.  When a user clicks on a deal or information headline, the link takes the user directly to the site of the company that is offering the promotion or the location of the information.  There are no pop-ups to warn the user about signing in and the link does not land on the page that describes the terms, rules and exclusions of the brand they are about to visit.  Users are encouraged to use the “Retail Brands” link in the header, find the brand, and read the terms before using The Wall.  Users are also encouraged to log in to their account to ensure they receive credit for creating commerce, especially when using The Wall.

More Background and Detail:

The page provides quick and easy access to any product category, brand, gift card, featured deal, breaking news or headline link that is tied in to the affiliate ID of the signed in user.  If a user or a guest of the user is logged in or using the site with a specific affiliate ID, any purchase made will be credited to the user’s account.

The Wall also provides the best way to access the platform’s handbook, The Trunited Way.  The Trunited Way is a collection of definitions, explanations, videos and articles that are vital to learning the Trunited system.

Trunited users are encouraged to bookmark this page and check it daily to stay connected.  In addition to bookmarking this page, users are encouraged to use their mobile device to save it as a favorite and add the icon titled “The Wall” that will show up as an application like icon on the home screen of their mobile device.  See how to add a bookmark icon on your iPhone or Android.

The term “Wall” comes from the Trunited meme of Dr. Nico and his Wall Writings.  Witnessed by several Trunited users, Dr. Nico draws pictures and writings directly on the walls of his bedroom with details of his thoughts and plans that lead to many of his disruptive ideas.  When he has an idea, he quickly grabs a pen or marker and adds it to his Wall.  Nothing is hidden on these walls.  The same is his hope on the Wall website page.

“I check the Trunited Wall more than I check my social networks anymore.”



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Shop and EarnShop, Share, and Earn More, Big Reward Brands, Retailers, Gift Cards, Dr. Nico,


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