The Spectacular Savings Surprise is Here! Introducing…The Nico Box

We’ve been counting down all week to Spectacular Savings, and now we’ve got a surprise that is worth the wait…

Trunited Nation, meet the Nico Box!

The Nico Box is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma of delight.

Every Nico Box is different (which is part of the fun), but each one contains an assortment of products from a variety of great brands.

Each and every Nico Box:

  • Contains products worth in excess of $150 and often much more
  • Provides a $5 donation to Wounded Warrior Foundation
  • Offers 30 points, which means when you buy a box, you qualify for Marketer Match!

Furthermore, Dr. Nico has authorized the warehouse to add a $50 restaurant gift card to a select few random Nico Boxes.

Nico Boxes are currently available ONLY until Sunday, July 8th (at midnight, PST), so make sure to get yours now!

Boxes will ship in two weeks.



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