The Healthy Vida Facebook Page is Up and Running, and it Needs Some Loyal Shopper Magic!

Healthy Vida has a Facebook page!

Make sure to like the page on Facebook and share with others. It’s also a great idea to leave reviews (see the menu on the left side of the Facebook page), comment, and post pictures of you with your favorite product.

The Power Pack Daily offers a daily multivitamin, multimineral, and brain booster all in one convenient pack for less than $50. It also contains 23 vitamins and minerals and 22 fruit & vegetable concentrates and is gluten-free!

Finally, it offers 30 profit points, which makes it the ideal core product for Trunited Shoppers who want to qualify for the Marketer Match.

Nothing is more valuable as a tool for a Master Marketer than testimonials and social credibility for a great product. We’re calling on the Trunited Nation to use their social influence to promote this page and spread the word so we can all put more points on the board!

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Vida for all!


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