The Brands That Pay the Most

By now, you’ve probably had the chance to browse the Trunited Marketplace, perhaps do some shopping, and discover the immense variety of options available to you through Trunited. It’s great, but it can also be overwhelming at times.

Don’t let an embarrassment of riches leave you paralyzed. There’s really two platinum rules to follow on Trunited when you start out shopping:

  1. Buy the things you already buy, but do it through Trunited so you don’t leave free money on the table.
  2. Show loyalty to the brands that show loyalty back to you.

That second rule is important, because not only do we expect our shoppers to be loyal, but we expect the same from the brands on our platform. And we believe that the truly loyal brands are the ones who are willing to give the most back to our shoppers.

If you haven’t read about how profit points work yet, the basic thing to understand is this. The more profit points a product or brand offers per dollar of cost, the higher the payout percentage, the more money you get back for purchasing that product.

So while Trunited has a large number of brands on the platform who satisfy that first rule to a T, there is magic in those Big Reward Brands that offer huge payout percentages (sometimes over 70%!!!) as a sign of loyalty to our shoppers.

So make sure to

  1. check out the Big Reward Brands on
  2. Head to for the biggest points you’ll find.
  3. Set up an autoship for reliable points each month.
  4. Browse gift cards and Brand Bucks cards in the shop section to see who offers the highest percentage payouts.

These are high-quality brands who fit the platform perfectly, many of which have found great success online and yet offer the same prices on Trunited with the added benefit of cash back to you!


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