Pay Plan Videos- The Beauty of Pointribution

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So what’s the catch? Trunited offers cash to all pointholders and big payouts to its marketers without requiring a membership fee or subscription. How is that possible?

Trunited funds its operational costs through a revolutionary idea called “Pointribution.”  This option is far superior to charging an arbitrary fee that only a few pointholders decide to pay.  This money is important to the growth and future of the company and pointribution is the mechanism whereby everyone who benefits from the platform will take part in contributing points to the cause. It is the most fair, innovative and robust way to ensure all beneficiaries of the company contribute to the cause that benefits them the most.

Simply put, Trunited pointholders and marketers contribute points to Trunited in return for the company’s role in this process. Pointribution requirements are minimal and progressive. If you are just a pointholder, you pay only one point per month. If you’re a thriving marketer, your pointribution will be relative to your depth credit access.

The more successful you are within Trunited, the more you pointribute. And because pointribution requirements are so minimal, those in high leadership positions who pointribute the most will still be contributing a small fraction of their earnings.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your pointribution is based on your depth credit level in a given month. If you earn one level, you pay three points. Those who earn two levels pointribute 5 points. Three levels is ten points. Four levels is 10 points and it continues from there.
  • Pointribution points are paid with a user’s personal profit points.
  • You never pay anything ever, including points, before you earn.
  • If a user has fewer personal points than what is due, the user will be reduced to the level for which he or she can pay and still have at least one point remaining.
  • Finally, your pointribution will include unlimited guest shopper access for guests to access platform deals.

If the point value goes up, the value of your pointribution goes up, but so will your earnings. That’s what works so beautifully. Nobody pays much, and those who pay the most are thrilled to give a larger pointribution because it’s an indicator that their cash earnings are also much higher.

There’s no risk, and the collective pointribution assures that everybody contributes to our shared success.

Pointribution. Divided we fall. Trunited we stand!


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