The 5 Second Rule

You can change your life, 5 seconds at a time.

Yesterday, we shared a video interview with Mel Robbins where she talked about how motivation is overrated. It had some amazing wisdom in it (as expected, given that it was recommended by Carlos Salguero).

Even more amazing? Many Trunited Business Owners are already using it to improve their daily actions! This is the goal of the weekly webinars and other content offered every week: to provide valuable information so that you can then act on it.

One of the strategies that is already being successfully implemented by some Business Owners is “The 5 Second Rule”. Don’t worry…we’re not talking about eating things off the floor! We’re talking about an approach Mel Robbins introduced to the world about taking immediate action.

Here’s how it works:

1. You have an instinct to act on a goal.
2. You count 5-4-3-2-1-GO! and act on that goal.

It’s that simple. The reason this is needed is that we as humans naturally hesitate. If you don’t act on your instinct within 5 seconds, your brain will kill that idea.

It’s pretty awesome stuff, and immensely valuable to someone building a business with Trunited. To understand it even better, check out this awesome article from Mel and her TED Talk, which is one of the most viewed and celebrated TED Talks ever!