Tend to Your Wealth

Like You Would Tend to a Garden

There are a lot of similarities between tending to a garden and tending to your wealth. As a Trunited entrepreneur, it’s important to treat your growing business with the care you’d give a beloved growing garden. 

After all, with both a garden and your business, the only way you’ll get the results you want over time is by taking the actions that are needed now.

Prepare the Soil –

The first thing you need to do is prepare the soil. You can have the best seeds and tools and experience, but if the soil is not fertile and the environment is not right, it’s going to be hard to grow anything.

In business, this is all about your mindset. You need to have a positive state of mind. Be eager, and humble, and prepare yourself for sustained optimism. Once you’ve truly looked inward and prepared yourself, and only then, will you be ready to grow.

Plant the Seeds –

This is the fun part. It’s all about growing yourself! Attend zooms, read books, listen to audio. Most importantly, reach out to mentors and leaders and help them guide you on which seeds to plant.

Fertilize and Water It –

Once those seeds are planted, you need to fertilize and water your garden. The best way to do that? Get around other like-minded individuals who are tending their own gardens! Involve yourself in the Trunited Family and give your business the sustenance it needs.

Fence Around It and Protect It –

Ever grow a nice garden and then garden critters come in and destroy it? It’s no fun. In business, the “critters” are doubt, and that’s usually caused by listening to negativity coming from outside your garden.

The way to protect your business is by putting up a fence. Don’t let negativity and doubts come into your garden. Give it the proper time to grow and thrive!

Harvest the Crop –

This concept is the hardest to get for most Trunited Business Owners because they all want to help others!

But before you can help others in the best way possible, you need to help yourself. Grow your garden first. Get that abundance, and then you’ll be able to help more gardeners than you ever could have otherwise.

It’s like when you’re on an airplane and those oxygen masks come down. You need to breath first in order to help the person next to you breath as well.

Share in Abundance –

Now we’re at the fun part. You’ve got the best garden around and more fruits and veggies than you know what to do with…Except you know exactly what to do with them. Share them with your community so everyone has a place at the dinner table!