Tales of a Trunited Legend

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Ancient tombs speak of a Legend. A titan of Socialized Commerce who will appear on earth and bring riches and success to all whom this Legend meets.

A Contri-Butin, Life-Reshapin, All-In-Ball-In, Next-Levelin, Game-Revampin, World-Transformin, Tip-Tellin, Commerce-Guidin, Business-Buildin, Life-Changin, Empire-Creatin, World-Dominatin wunderkind.

This legend will face many challenges and landmarks along the way. And this legend will collect and earn rewards for achievements in personal points, connection points and ranking.

Badges of honor, each representing another step on the path to legendary status.

Ancient tombs speak of a Legend.

Will it be you?


Concepts and terms that provide further information: (click to learn)

SoComm, The Sensational SixSocialized Commerce, Pointholder, Becoming a Marketer, Becoming a PacesetterMarketer, Promoter, Pacesetter, Influencer, Partner, Icon, Legend


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