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A Message from Dr. Nico on Labor Day

Labor Day is a very special day for Dr. Nico. So he wanted to share his thoughts on what makes it so special with you. Here is an audio he made for the Trunited Nation this Labor Day... Just press play. :) "Labor Day is a very special day for me. Seven years ago, on Labor Da...

Dr. Nico’s Podcastis Now Fully Available for Your Listening Pleasure!

Dr. Nico graced us with nine exciting podcasts! Luckily, you now have access to all of the insights, observations, and motivations Dr. Nico imparted! You can check it all out by CLICKING THIS LINK Read More

Trunited We Stand Audio CD

Drs. Nico and Nicole have put their hearts and souls into developing Socialized Commerce into a powerful equalizer in the marketplace for consumers and an incredible opportunity for families everywhere. In this two-part series, hear directly from the Founder and First Lady of 

Dr. Nico Podcast

Dr. Nico Episode List Dr. Nico Podcast is a public broadcast with Trunited founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, that provides vulnerable and unfiltered perspective on life,...

Monday Night Webinars

Stay informed and up-to-date on everything Trunited through the Monday Night Webinar! Every Monday night at 9pm ET, Trunited leaders will be holding a webinar that is great for keeping you up-to-date and informed, as well as being a fantastic place to send interested friends and...