Socialized Commerce

Socialized Commerce is a term used to describe a type of commerce whereby a community of shoppers combine their loyalty and purchasing power to negotiate favorable savings and earnings opportunities from brands and companies that benefit everyone involved in the transaction.

The term was coined, in 2016, by Dr. Nicolas Porter, founder of, in an effort to define a niche of business that had not been created.  Trunited operates similar to a network marketing model, but does not identify with the Direct Sales Industry that has been known to be used interchangeably with network marketing.  Unlike Direct Sales, Trunited does not own or manufacture products.  It is a platform where brands are introduced to shoppers and vice versa, leading to the creation of loyalty one to the other that is obsolete or costly in business in 2018.

Socialized Commerce is derived from “Social Commerce,” a term that has been used to describe commerce created in the world of social media marketing.  Social Commerce is an estimated $30 Billion or higher industry and growing.  The word “Socialized” adds a deeper significance to the communal tie of many individuals in a socialized system and hits on a sentiment of cultural significance in 2018 and beyond.  Thus, Porter coined and trademarked the phrase, Socialized Commerce, and made Trunited the first platform to operate under its open and social concept, pay plan and system.  A system with themes, “People Helping People,” “Give to Grow,” and “Distribution Equals Contribution,” drive the culture of this new niche and industry.

Many use SoComm for short and the hashtag #SoComm has gained prominence within the Trunited Community.

“We participate in Socialized Commerce with millions of people from around the world and, by doing so, earn substantial income.”

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