Social Media Shout-outs

New to Trunited? Skeptical? Not quite caught up on how this thing works?

Let’s allow some of our Loyal Shoppers to show you what it means to succeed with Socialized Commerce in this first installment of Social Media Shout-out!

Shout-out #1

Mr. Rogers would be proud. James Katina knows how to be a good neighbor. 

The Takeaway: With deals this good, you’re doing others a favor by sharing Trunited Travel with them, which means you can shop, share and earn with ease.

Side Note: This deal was so rocking you can see it literally turned up the volume on James’ computer!


Shout-out #2

Vonda Stewart Downs makes it look easy…because it is!

The Takeaway: Between personal shopping and guest shopper points, it doesn’t take a Herculean effort to find big-time results.

Side Note: You wouldn’t want to talk to me before I’ve had my morning 64 coffee. It’s not pleasant.


Shout-out #3

Nobody likes a spammer! But sharing IS caring, right Brian Glenn?

The Takeaway: Be smart about what you share and how you share it. Still, know there are always exceptions to the rule when exceptional deals are involved. (But seriously…limit the amount of links you share and be judicial. We are working for the benefit of the Trunited Nation and our loyal brands. We never want those brands to feel like we are spamming with their good names.)

Side Note: Nobody likes spammers, but a surprising number of people do enjoy SPAM. In Hawaii, for instance, it’s all the rage. Don’t ask what’s in it though. You wouldn’t like the answer.


Shout-out #4

Mark Hanson Found Our Newest Product! And it comes with Free Shipping!

The Takeaway: You can earn an extra 10% by auto-shipping your orders, so why not add what you want?

Side Note: This cat came with a 45% payback. You can’t beat that anywhere! 



Want to be featured in the next edition of Social Media Shout-outs?

Get out there and share your success!

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