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What it Means:

Skip Compression is a term that describes a provision in the Pay Plan 360 algorithm that skips a user with less than 30 points who does not qualify to earn match points in the marketer match.  Without qualifying with 30 points, the user  is therefore skipped in the month end calculations such that any of its referrals move up to the nearest qualifier in that particular branch of business.  Skipping also prevents one user from blocking the structure creation of another user.

More Background and Detail:

Every single aspect of the Pay Plan 360 is meticulously designed to benefit each and every user of the Trunited platform by raising the point value and rewarding commerce creation and influence.

One aspect that is particularly important to Trunited’s collective success is structure creation. The system is set up to develop PaceSetters because PaceSetters are a foundational block to a booming Network. To truly thrive, it’s vital that purchases are being made through the Trunited Marketplace and that sustainable groups of marketers are being created. PaceSetters are key to both of these necessities.

That’s why the PayPlan 360 includes a Skip Compression.

Those with less than 30 points in a given month do not qualify for the Marketer Match.  They will be paid on their personal profit points, but will be skipped or compressed out of the monthly calculations as it relates to earning match points for those they refer to the platform.   
These qualified 30 point or more contributors are moved up to their nearest qualified user above them while all others below 30 points are omitted from the structure for calculation purposes only.  This process acts as an anti-blockage mechanism from any user with zero points that prevent engaged users from receiving the proper compensation for their efforts.

It’s also important to note that the skip compression is a carefully considered measure to promote structure and increase the point value. It is specifically designed to benefit influential marketers who build connections and implement the Give to Grow concept. Add people to and help them become invested, successful Trunited Marketers and the results will follow.

“The skip compression helps me qualify for Pacesetter even though I have some connections who haven’t earned any points.”

Building with Skip Compression:


Example A:

Let’s consider this example.

User A with 30 points is connected to User B with 10 points.  Since User B only has 10 points, they are not a qualified match for User A so when the month ends, the system omitts User B from the network structure and consideres structure qualification and point value calculation as if User A and User C are connected, since User C qualifies to be matched upon by User A.

The pointholder with only 10 points is omitted and the 30-point contributor moves up to the nearest qualified user for purposes of qualifying for structure rank and calculation based on the compressed structure.


Example B:

As previously mentioned, PaceSetters are the building block of Trunited and ensure a higher point value for everyone. The skip provision allows everyone to have the benefit of developing both width and depth in their network, knowing that a user who may stop using the platform will not block them from achieving the proper structure to earn the Pacesetter rank building block.


Example C: 

It is important to note that a user must earn at least 30 points to remain in the structure for skip provision.  If a user has 30 points, they will not be skipped, even if the position below them is higher.   This structure remains unchanged at month end.


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