Shop, Share and Earn More

Now that we’ve discussed the beauty of shopping and earning, we are going to dive in to the benefit of shopping, SHARING and earning More.

It is imperative to keep doing the things that have made you a successful pointholder.  Your ability to influence and create loyal leads for brands is directly connected to your ability to maintain the example you set as a pointholder.

While a pointholder has no qualification, no minimum to earn etc, the marketer, to be considered a marketer in the most innovative marketing company on the planet, must demonstrate influence and qualify each month to participate in the Marketer Match bonus.

The marketer must maintain a monthly contribution of 30 or more points to qualify to match or be matched upon.  In addition, the marketer must connect 1 person who does the same at 30 points or more.  Anytime a marketer falls below 30 points, he/she cannot be matched on nor can they participate in the match in anyway.  If someone in their depth credit has fewer than 30 points, the marketer has not qualified to match on that volume.  Both must have 30 points or more to match and be matched upon.

It’s time to Shop | Share | Earn More with Trunited.


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