The Sensational Six of Master Marketing

Welcome to the team! We couldn’t be happier to add you to the list of Trunited shoppers who’ve found success reaching out and connecting others to the platform. We want the very best for you, and we hope that you’re excited about the fact that when you succeed, it helps others succeed as well.

There’s unlimited potential for you here, but it’s important that you approach this opportunity with a true heart and the right mindset if you want to become a Master Marketer.

Not EVERYONE will become a Master Marketer, but with patience, focus, and an open mind we truly believe ANYONE can become a Master Marketer through Trunited. You just have to remember the Sensational Six at all times.

  1. Be Loyal
  2. Be Humble
  3. Be Brave
  4. Learn
  5. Inspire
  6. Unite

We’ll be taking you through each of these concepts as you embark on this journey, and we’ll give you all the key concepts you need to know along the way. Each section of “Becoming a Master Marketer” will also unveil critical information in understanding how the Pay Plan 360, the engine behind all of this, is configured and how each aspect of its unique algorithm ties into ensuring those who bring the most to the platform are also the ones who are compensated the most.

So feel good knowing that we’ve got you covered and we’re all in this together. In Trunited, your success is your fellow shopper’s success and vice versa, so let’s get out there and make a brighter tomorrow, today!