Referral Statistics Show You Have More Marketing Power Than You May Realize

The entire Trunited Team is constantly looking for ways to empower you as you pursue your dreams. We believe in you, and we know that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

So when we came across an article on “Mind-Blowing Sales Statistics”, we paid close attention. And when we saw the statistics on Referral Sales, we had to share them with you:

Look at those statistics again.

Now think about how Trunited works.

Now look at those statistics again.

Everything you need to shop, share, and earn more is set up for you on this platform, which means the world is your oyster. Referrals, peer recommendations, and advice from friends and family are FAR more powerful than any other form of sales. And Trunited offers so many brands, services, and options that you never need to recommend anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.

All you need is your honest opinion and the willingness to send a link.

That’s the power of Trunited.

That’s the power that YOU possess RIGHT NOW.


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