Protecting The Point Value

The best thing about Socialized Commerce is the freedom and impact that one person can have on another. This is a system designed to provide everyone with the opportunity for significant success, but only when that success helps others thrive as well.

The entire algorithm is predicated on pointholders and marketers alike being able to positively impact the collective group through individual effort. If you build things the right way, so that the traffic you create is allowing brands and pointholders to thrive and the point value to go up, there is no ceiling to your success with Trunited.

However, this is not a platform that allows you to get rich off of the work of others.

Trunited is all about equal input and equal output, so the PayPlan 360 algorithm contains numerous safeguards to ensure that everyone is fairly compensated and protected within the Trunited Network.

You won’t be the guy or gal who is making rich the individual who connected you to the Network. That’s not how this works. The PayPlan 360 has been meticulously designed to protect the point value and the interests of the average pointholder along with the most successful and influential marketers.

Those with big plans to accumulate large point amounts through the manipulation of the algorithm will quickly find that the only way to succeed in Trunited is through helping others achieve success.

The best way to grow your profit point totals is by helping the collective Trunited Nation add as much money as possible to the Payout Pool. When you add a large number of match points to your individual profit point total without adding money to the Payout Pool, that hurts the point value, so the algorithm is meticulously designed to prevent such scenarios.


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