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What does profit point mean?

How is a profit point earned?

How much is a profit point worth?

What do profit points do for me?

Do profit points ever change?

How many profit points can I earn in a month?

Do I have to earn a certain number of profit points to qualify to earn money?


What it means:

Profit Point is a term used to describe the Trunited currency that is awarded to users of the platform when they make a purchase that results in revenue generated for Trunited.  The number of profit points awarded to a user will equal the relative profit value a brand or product has for the platform..  A brand or product has a preset negotiated percentage or amount that will be rewarded to Trunited when their product is purchased.  There are two categories of profit points from shopping that are divided based on when they are awarded to the user.  No matter how they are awarded, all points have the same point payout value when converted to cash each month.  Here are the two categories of profit points for shopping rewards:

1.  Instant Points

2. Pending Points

Instant points come from purchases made directly on the website using its shopping cart and checkout process.  Pending Rewards come from purchases made through the Trunited Retailer links and become active points for the month once the Retailer’s product return period expires.  Each retailer relationship is different, but the range is 30-90 days for Trunited to be awarded with commission for a purchase by a Trunited shopper.  Users are able to see their transactions pending and will know which month the pending points will become active points.  On the first day of the month, the pending points status changes to complete/active and the points are officially added to a users monthly total.

When a qualfied purchase is made with a Retailer through a Trunited link, the process to show up as a pending point usually takes up to 3-5 days.  Once they show up, they are set to become active in a specific future earnings period which is visible in the transaction detail in the user’s Trunited account.

Users can also earn points from the Bonus Point Rewards actions which are non-product related profit points that are issued to users who participate in ways that save the platform money in some way; auto-shipping, for example.  See Bonus Point Rewards for more details on this.

More Background and Detail:

Profit points are the earnings currency in Trunited.  Each point has a value at the end of the month when the company’s point value is calculated.  If the point value is calculated to be $0.25 per point, Trunited cashes in all points by that value and the process restarts the next month.  Next month, you can earn even more profit points.  One would say that earning more points is the purpose of the platform.  The more a user shops, the more they earn, the more they add to the Trunited system by way of creating loyal shoppers, the more profit points they are rewarded through matching.

In addition, bonus profit points are available to the Trunited platform user for selecting options that save the platform money.  These include the monthly auto-ship program and electing local pick-up to save shipping costs.  The combination of these cost-saving actions can add up to thousands of dollars from hundreds of users and hundreds of thousands of dollars from thousands of users.  A dollar saved is a dollar earned and Trunited has the system to reward the user with profit points.

There is no minimum number of points required to qualify to earn cash.  Even if a user has 1 point, they will earn based on the point value.  To earn in the Marketer Match, the user must earn at least 30 points in a given month.  If this happens, the user qualifies for the marketer match and can earn significant profit points depending on the network of each user.  When a user matches on referrals they have made to Trunited, they can multiply their personal points exponentially based on the number of users in their depth credit who have earned 30 points or more.  This can range from 1 to 100,000+.

The profit points of a brand or product will change if the negotiated deal with the brand or company increases or decreases.  It can also change if the logistics routine is altered and the cost of procurement, warehousing, packing and delivery changes.

 “I earned 50 profit points from the purchase of ONE product on!”


Example A:

A user bought Ciela Serum last month and earned 50 points spending $69 on that product.  That’s a 70% payback percentage.  From those 50 profit points they earned, since the point value was $0.30/point, that user made $15 when they converted the 50 points in to cash.  Needless to say, the user was thrilled to have earned so much.  “Imagine if 5 friends used this Ciela Serum,” she said.  “It’s inexpensive, it works so well and now I’m earning almost $100/month just sharing a product with a few friends!”


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