Pending Points

Pending Points is a term used to describe profit points that are earned through a qualified purchase on the Trunited platform and placed on a hold until the return policy expires and the commission is paid to Trunited.

Pending Rewards come from purchases made through the Trunited Retailer links (as well as Trunited Travel and Trunited Tickets) and they become active points for the month once enough time has passed for the product return period to expire. 

For retail brands, that includes the remaining days in the month of a purchase, plus two additional months. So if you make a purchase on June 20th, points will be pending through the rest of June, as well as July and August. Points will then go from pending to completed on September 1st.

Trunited Tickets are rewarded within the first week of the purchase.

Trunited Travel points are rewarded within the first week after checkout from the booked hotel.

Users are able to see their transactions pending and will know which month the pending points will become active points.  On the first day of the month, the pending points status changes to complete/active and the points are officially added to a users monthly total.


When a qualified purchase is made with a Retailer through a Trunited link, the process to show up as a pending point usually takes up to 3-5 days.  Once they show up, they are set to become active in a specific future earnings period which is visible in the transaction detail in the user’s Trunited account.

Also referred to as Points On Hold.

“I have 50 points for this month and 100 points pending that I will get awarded.”


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