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What it means:

Pointholder is a term used to describe a Trunited user with a Trunited.com account who has been awarded active points for which they will be rewarded cash in a given month.

More Background and Detail:

We’re all familiar with the concept of company shareholders.  In Trunited, the term Pointholder is used to more correctly elevate the idea that each Trunited user is a valued beneficiary of the platform and efforts of the entire Trunited Community.  The more each contributes, the more the algorithm rewards the community.  The platform users are, in effect, a connected community of shoppers, marketers and entrepreneurs who do their part as individuals while combining our single parts to a greater whole.  That’s Socialized Commerce.  It’s synergistic.  A symbiotic relationship with family, friends and even strangers.

Every customer who uses Trunited and earns a point is a pointholder, which makes it like being a shareholder in a business with some differences.

In business, shareholders are issued a certain number of shares of a company and receive dividend payouts based on the stock price. When the profits of the company go slightly up, the value of those shares improves with it.  A person’s shares of stock don’t move up or down.  However, the value of the shares fluctuates everyday based on the success of the company.  While being a shareholder in a company has major upsides, one downside is your inability to determine or grow the number of shares of stock you are rewarded with.  If your performance increases and you are adding more to the overall system of business, you are at the mercy of someone offering you more shares.

As a pointholder in Trunited, the user is also someone who earns financial compensation based on the success of the company in a given month. That’s how Trunited is set up!  Now, a user doesn’t own these points long term like a shareholder owns shares.  The points reset each month after they convert to cash and this sets up what is truly unique about Trunited.

The point value, Trunited’s measure of monthly success, is like a stock ticker, but instead of being volatile up and down each day, month or year, the point value remains relatively constant.  If Trunited sees a dip or blip in the point value, it immediately triggers extra protective monitoring to identify the reason.  With this watchful eye on the algorithm that produces the company’s point value, Trunited is committed to the safeguards and protections necessary to make occasional updates to ensure the value of points remain relatively stable and constant over time.  Why the focus on a relatively constant point value vs. roll the dice with volatility?  The answer is found in what makes Trunited unique and special.  The objective is to increase points while the point value stays as high as possible.

This is what separates a pointholder from the common shareholder.  The users opportunity to control how many points they hold in a given month.  This is the most exciting aspect of the Trunited platform – anyone can earn an amount equal to their contribution and performance unlike anything the world of business has seen.  This is what attracts users to the platform.

So, what does all of this mean?  It means a user has control of their own success.  Use of the system to earn points without another deciding or dictating their limits

In the world of shareholders, the largest shareholder always makes the most money and who that is usually never changes.

In Trunited, the largest pointholder depends on who adds the most to the platform. More points means more success.  The largest pointholder can be anyone, no matter when they enter the platform.  Last month’s largest may not be this month’s most successful.  A user who enters Trunited a few years after another can advance beyond them within months or even days.

“The Pointholders are going to be very happy about their earnings this month.”


Example A:

The value of a point in Trunited in 2017 ranged from $0.10 to $0.24.  In March, 2018, an update to safeguard the algorithm and prevent a drop to $0.10 was added and with it came a Point Value Promise, promising pointholders a minimum of $0.15/point in a given month.  

A monthly history of point values is available by logging in to Trunited, clicking “Business Dashboard” and then clicking “Point Value Trend.”


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