Point Value Promise

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What it means:

Point Value Promise is a term used to describe the monetary value per point that Trunited promises to users as a minimum in a given month.  

Since the behavior of Trunited users impacts the algorithm and point value paid out each month, Trunited offers a minimum guarantee of 15 cents per point, assuming the worst case scenario earnings on the platform and protecting users in their recruitment efforts to build the network. The point value promise is set during a period of time and can only be altered in the event the company performs another important update to enhance the algorithm to be more fair to the end user. In such an event, the point value promise can and should be updated to provide a safety mechanism so that the users are protected.

“The point value guarantee helps people confidently shop knowing the return on their loyalty will never drop below 15 cents per point.”


Example A:

Assume that in one month of business the value of a point drops to $0.12 in a given month based on the accounting of the company when measuring the payout pool divided by the total number of points to be paid out.  Trunited would alter its plans, cut back its operational expenses in some way to pay out the promised $0.15/point that it promises its users.


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