Platform is a term used to describe a business whose product is connecting customers with a product or service.  The platform company does not own the product or service they are promoting, but receives a monetary consideration, paid by the benefiting business, for connecting the customer to their product or service.  Some of the most notable businesses that are considered platforms include Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and Trunited.

Trunited is a platform that connects businesses of commerce with loyal customers.  When a customer makes a purchase via Trunited, the business pays Trunited a commission based on a negotiated compensation agreement.  Then, Trunited rewards the user of that transaction with an equivalent number of its proprietary currency called profit points.  At the end of each month, these points are converted to cash for the customer.  

In addition to being an earn back platform for customers to earn money on their everyday purchases, Trunited also serves as a platform for users to earn extra income by growing the company network.

Unlike most other platforms, Trunited has no upfront costs to join.  It funds itself with an innovative concept known as Pointribution – a contribution of points by all point earners based on a user’s success on the platform.  A user who enjoys the highest level of success contributes the most back to the platform and vice versa.  If a user does not earn in a given month, there is no monetary consideration paid to the platform.  This innovative concept ensures the cost of doing business is spread fairly among all benefiting users of the platform.

“The Trunited platform is one of the most innovative concepts of the tech business eruption.”


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