Planting Seeds and Helping Them Grow

Planting Seeds and Helping Them Grow

Don’t forget, Trunited is all about creating the most expansive, robust, effective marketing team in the world. If you or the people you connect don’t utilize for their online shopping, no traffic is being driven to brands, and no money is being added to the Payout Pool.

So think of people connected to the Network as seeds. They start out as pure potential, and then once they create 30 points of commerce, they blossom. And then, as in nature, the winds and process of duplication occur and the transformation comes full circle as these original seeds create more seeds. It’s a beautiful thing. The more you personally plant, the better potential you have for results.

So if you are a marketer whom has connected 15 people, you have 15 seeds with potential for commerce creation every month. If at the end of the month, seven of them create less than 30 points of commerce, they never blossom, and even though you may have a seed structure of a PaceSetter, those seeds must blossom to circles, with 30 points, to reap the benefits of that structure each month.

So the key is to plant seeds that will grow, and fortunately, between daily deals, payouts from retailer, and an ever-expanding marketing team, Trunited is a platform abundant with rich soil and plenty of sunlight.

And with the benefits of autoshipping, pointholders have every reason to sign up for monthly orders, which is like adding a customized sprinkler system to your Network that you can set individually to automatically give just the right amount of water for each seed to ensure that each blooms on time every month.

Continue planting new seeds by driving more traffic to Trunited, and before you know it, you’ll have a field of blossoming marketers producing in ways that will benefit you, and everyone else in the Network as well.

So trust in a system designed to produce results. Plant those seeds and watch them blossom, because divided we fall, Trunited we stand. Which means when any of us has a good crop, we all eat a little better that month.