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What are the payback percentages of each Trunited affiliated brand or company?


What it means:

Payback Percentage is a term used to describe the commission terms a brand or company has with the Trunited platform.  These brands and companies pay Trunited a commission when a purchase is made on their website through the Trunited platform.  

More Background and Information:

Launching its initial proof of concept with just two products, Vengo Energy and Healthy Vida, Trunited has developed in to a loyalty creating juggernaut for hundreds of brands.  In just months, the Trunited platform developed relationships that range from 2% commission with global retailers like Best Buy up to 70% commission with Big Reward Brands like Ciela Skin with many relationships in between.

As Trunited users shop and spread loyalty across their personal networks, brands take more and more notice of what’s happening.  The mutually beneficial relationship between the user and brand created on is one that each has been longing for as the online brand boom has diminished brand loyalty.  The loyalty to a one stop shop company is a thing of the recent past.

Trunited’s product is loyalty.  It generates loyal leads for brands by creating a socialistic financial benefit at the level of the individual user.  And, it doesn’t just pay a one-time “thank you.”  No, Trunited is in the rare and unique space of paying its users in perpetuity for business developed today.  So, brands have a partner in Trunited.  They have a partner who is willing to pass on commission revenue to the user, forever.

To get access to Trunited’s loyalty product, the brand just has to answer one question.  “How much are you willing to pay us to buy your product?”  The answer to this question is what Trunited refers to as a company’s Payback Percentage.  The amount a brand or company is going to rebate back to Trunited when one of its users buys their product.

The amount a brand or company pays back to Trunited starts at a percentage and can increase or decrease based on the loyalty created on their behalf.  This is where the Trunited user earns their keep.  The more volume generated for a company, the more likely the payback percentage will increase.  More brands take notice and brands take more notice.  The end goal is to develop the strongest relationship with the strongest brands as they see Trunited as their loyalty partner in a fierce and cut-throat market that requires more of entrepreneurs and brand owners than ever before.

“The payback percentage with Walmart could increase as traffic from Trunited increases.”


Example A:

If you purchase a Ciela Firming Eye Cream for $50 and get 35 points back, that’s a payback percentage of 70%!


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