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How is the pay plan 360 different from other company pay plans?

Why does Trunited share the details of its pay plan algorithm?


What it means:

PayPlan 360 is the name of the compensation plan or algorithm used by Trunited to determine payout earnings to Trunited users.  With a focus on making the newest user the rightful nucleus of long-term success, the logic of the plan focuses on three major pillars. 

1.  Open and Social System that promotes and rewards ownership-minded behavior. 

2.  Structure vs. Volume Milestones that motivate true and balanced performance and growth.

3.  Equality and Fairness that provides equivalent distribution for contribution to the system.

More Background and Details:

In contrast to other company compensation pay plans, the Pay Plan 360 logic is designed to reward structure, balance and effort with an emphasis on the new user.  All companies promote an interest in helping the new user, but as the marketing climate shifts, companies must practice what they preach.  In the opportunity market, companies speak to their user base with their compensation plan.

Other compensation pay plans are closed system plans with a definitive pay out percentage based on a user’s level of success.  While this appears ideal on the surface, it is plagued with consequences and limitations that may go unnoticed by the company and/or users for a long time.  In a closed system, a company and its users are not aligned like they could be and while it may appear that each party has each other’s best interests at heart, this isn’t the case when it comes down to what matters.

A company’s purpose is to generate a product or service and earn a profit.  Profit results as the difference between revenues and expenses.  Inflows minus Outflows.  In closed systems, users are an expense with little to no incentive to care about company profit.  In summary, closed systems drive with employee mentality.  This may be fine for most companies, but the forest is changing.

Trunited’s algorithm, the Pay Plan 360, is a compensation pay plan that rewards and promotes ownership-minded behavior and does so because of its open and social system.  In other words, the Trunited pay plan promotes an aligned relationship with the users so that everyone is focused on creating profit.  The earnings paid out are based on the success of the company.  Placing this focus on the company and rewarding users to not only generate revenues, but to be also rewarded by performing cost-saving actions, the Trunited algorithm touches on an area of taking ownership that every company wants in their company culture.  The users generate the revenue inflows and get paid based on profit which holds them accountable for the outflows as well.  The statement, “a penny saved is a penny earned” has never been more exemplified than in the Trunited platform.

In addition to being an open system with company and user alignment, the pay plan 360 also promotes a social, user to user, benefit.  With user and company aligned, the dynamic among users must also be aligned.  The more the collection of individual users generate and save, the more the collective individual users earn.  When more is generated in the network in Los Angeles, the network in Beijing benefits and vice versa.

While the financial benefits of the plan are most notable, there are many benefits that are added to the overall system from this synergy.  The pay plan 360 got its name from its social and open core.  In a world where the financial benefit comes to a user in a network from a downward direction, in Trunited, the benefits, financial and otherwise, come from all directions, up, down, left and right.  The name was born from the 360 degree manner from which all users benefit.

It’s widespread knowledge that other earning platforms have pay plans with volume minimums that squeeze out the new user from benefiting while adding layers of benefit at the top.  These Volume Driven pay plans produce pseudo-success with individuals who pay far more to earn a rank than what that rank rewards them financially.   This creates an unbalanced performance that hurts the users.  Garages and shelves fill with unwanted product, credit cards are maxed out and users of the platform can no longer maintain the smoke screen while the walls come tumbling down.

Trunited fixes this by taking away the large volume requirements for new users to earn with the platform.  With no minimum requirement to qualify for rewards when a user shops on the platform and a mild 30 point requirement to participate in the referral match system, the users start off with an algorithm that supports their effort from the very beginning.  Instead of the pressures to achieve the volume requirements that only a few users can reach, users of the Trunited platform earn additional milestones of referral match points credit when a specific network structure results from the natural process of sharing something that works with others.

The largest social media platforms are built one referring user at a time.  The pay plan 360 ratchets up the reward as more users in the network experience a realistic level of success.  An algorithm that follows the pattern of organic and sustainable performance has been the missing ingredient to produce a new explosion of opportunity for network entrepreneurs and marketers.  The pay plan 360 provides that.

Finally, as companies seek to find ways to reward users for their effort with updated compensation plans, it becomes more and more difficult to equilibrate a fair payout to users when the platform has other areas of weakness that are incapable of adapting to changes in commerce.  Users demand more than ever to earn an equal reward distribution for their contribution to a platform.  Without a true concentrated focus on the lifeblood of the platform at the “bottom” of a network, platforms will continue to unknowingly squeeze out users as fast as they enter.

In Trunited, the Pay Plan 360 fully rewards the new user while placing a gentle squeeze on the middle of the network if it wants to take success to the next level.  This feels like just the right area to place a burden on success.  After all, success is never going to be handed to a user.  If it were easy, succeeding would be the norm and that would eliminate the idea of succeeding all together.  With a mild pre-requisite on users to perform if they wish to take success to the next level as a marketer, pacesetter and beyond, the pay plan 360 adds just the right amount of challenge without eliminating the idea of excelling.  With a point value that makes earning through shopping a no brainer, the lifeblood of a user’s growing network is always at the threshold of eruption.

Trunited shares information about its algorithm as a way to demonstrate the goal of an open and transparent user system.  While the information herein may present a debate against other earning platforms, the main focus is to help users understand that most companies are laser focused on their own profit and users are simply viewed as a cost variable in their equation.  This makes it difficult to establish a win win for both parties.  The mission and purpose of Trunited is fundamentally different.  With a goal to create a trifecta of victories for the shopper, the marketer and the platform, Trunited is able to institute a completely different set of rules with its pay plan that govern its relationship with platform users.  The result is a system of synergy.

“The Pay Plan 360 is the most fair performance-driven compensation plan in the world.”


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