PaceSetter is the rank and title of an account holding user who has earned 30 points in a given month and referred 3 users who have also earned 30 points while referring two users each who have also earned 30 points who have each referred one user who has earned 30 points.  The 3-2-1 Structure.

The Pacesetter earns at least 3 levels of depth credit and is the core structure unit that advances more depth credit to a user when they develop other Pacesetters in difference branches of business.

“There are a total of 16 people earning 30 points in the structure of a Pacesetter.”




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Socialized Commerce, Profit Points, Payout Pool, Payback PercentagePoint Value, Pointholder, Point Value Promise, Calculating the Point Value, Protecting the Point Value, Depth Credit, Match Points, Best Practice Milestones, PointributionMarketer, Marketer MatchPromoter, Pacesetter, Influencer, Partner, Icon, Legend


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