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NG Brands is the company that owns the brands Ciela Skin, Vengo Energy, Healthy Vida and Sixtyfour.  The NG Brands were created and developed by Trunited Founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, with the purpose of adding products to the platform that have generated large success in direct sales and network marketing companies in the areas of Health, Beauty and Nutrition.

As Dr. Porter researched the concept of the Trunited platform, it became evident that the Direct Sales industry would gravitate to the concept that offered solutions to the growing list of problems facing its members and customers.  As he consulted with top Direct Sales experts about these issues, it became clear that an area of concern was how expensive the products were for the average consumer in their respective companies.  Compared to an expansive global market where platforms are leading the charge to promote fair pricing, the price of products in the Direct Sales industry are notoriously high.  Having built several brands in his career, Dr. Porter set out to not only find the solution, but to make it a pillar of attraction for networkers who understand the growing problem.  A high performing product without the high price tag would lead to a story where the overhype isn’t necessary – an important concept in marketing to a skeptical generation of consumers who want real, authentic and organic truths vs. elaborate storytelling.

With this advice in mind, Dr. Porter created NG Brands and set out with the purpose of meeting these concerns head on with products that make up around 80% of the Direct Sales $30+ billion per year industry.  He concluded that it was possible to develop products that performed at equal or higher levels and charge half the price.  And, since he could fund them without the need of outside investors, he could offer the highest payback percentages to benefit the platform users.

While Trunited is not a direct sales company (it does not own or manufacture ANY products and has a growing list of 500+ affiliated brands), it is a business that is attractive to direct sales entrepreneurs because of its network building structure that the Trunited pay plan 360 algorithm rewards.  In addition to creating a solution for this growing issue, the NG Brands have set the bar high for other brands to compensate Trunited for creating loyalty.  These brands operate with the same rules that all brands on the platform live by and deliver quality, cost, and opportunity at the highest level.  In addition to the monetary value these brands offer to the Trunited user, the NG Brands provide stability to the Trunited platform by sharing the same ownership as Trunited itself.

The following brands make up the NG Company line up:

Ciela Skin is a beauty and skin care brand that boasts pricing that is half that of department store equivalents while paying commissions of up to 70% back to the Trunited platform.

Vengo Energy is a health and fitness brand that offers consumers a healthier alternative to the caffeine and sugar loaded energy drinks on the market.  Packed with B-vitamins and taste that satisfies the pickiest of consumers, the sugar-free energy drink comes in carbonated Strawberry and Orange as well as carbonation free Apple.  Priced less than competitors with a 40-50% points earnings, Vengo Energy is a Trunited shopper favorite.  Quench your energy thirst.

Healthy Vida is a health and nutrition supplement brand that delivers quality at half the price and double the earnings.  With its main staple multi-vitamin, The Power Pack Daily, Healthy Vida provides a gluten-free multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and brain boost line up of ingredients that boasts 22 fruit and veggie whole food concentrates.  This concoction of ingredients is rare at the price point below $50 and that’s before a 60% earn back that puts Healthy Vida at the top of the charts in value for the everyday consumer.  Healthy Mind.  Healthy Body.  Healthy Vida.

SixtyFour is a consumer staple brand that offers no frills, no fluff products at a price everyone can afford.  Developed in loving memory of Mrs. Valerie Porter, Trunited Founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter’s late mother who raised 8 children on a tight budget, SixtyFour embodies the simplicity and authenticity of the very best value products for the money.  From skin care to    health and beauty and more products on the horizon, SixtyFour is a brand that a mother of 8 can afford.

The NG Company’s goal is to continue to add high value, high rewards brands and products to the platform.  Areas of future growth will include Personal and Home Care as well as other consumer staples that meet the needs of most global households.

Also see Vengo Energy, SixtyFour, Healthy Vida and Ciela Skin.  Visit the websites below for more information.

The NG Brands on the Trunited platform pay out the most points and help a user rack up their points each month.”


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