New Brand Spotlight: Find Your Way With These New Brands Today

We’ve got three more exciting brands on the platform to which we’d like to draw your attention this week:


More about the newest brands, from the brands:

Rocabi: The perfect weighted blanket. Outrageously comfortable. At Rocabi, we are excited to go to work every day because we are passionate about developing effective sleep solutions. Insomnia, anxiety, and stress are a growing problem in today’s fast-paced social media filled society. This has led to chronic sleep deprivation which is resulting in lost productivity and an increase in mental and physical health issues. According to the National Institute of health 50 – 70 million Americans suffer from sleep or wakefulness disorders. This is a severe problem and has lead to an over dependence on sleeping pills and other pharmaceuticals which lead to an increase in the proliferation of depression and addiction issues.

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Phytorite: We provide the highest quality nutritional hemp supplements and phyto-products based on cutting-edge research and ingredients to create happy customers who want to live a longer, healthier lifestyle.

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Garmin: As a leading worldwide provider of navigation, Garmin is committed to making superior products for fitness, automotive, outdoor, marine and aviation markets that are an essential part of customers’ lives.

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