More Metrics and Additional Features Are Coming Soon to Your Trunited Passport

As a Loyal Shopper in the Trunited Nation, you currently have a lot of information available to you.

You have your Passport…

Your Business Dashboard…

Your Customer Dashboard….

Your Conection Tree, TruBox Management Tool, and more!

In addition, we can assure you that we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve every aspect of your Trunited experience, including your ability to understand and monitor your growth and status.

We are currently putting focus on metrics for the Passport that will better enable you to understand your progress within the month in real time. This is an important metric for our marketers, and we are striving to ensure you have even more information (in addition to the connection tree) on how you’re doing in the moment.

So look for exciting reveals in the near future, as we look to continue to earn the loyalty of the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth!


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