Money Follows Momentum

The momentum behind Trunited is undeniable.

There were more new TruBox subscriptions in the month of March than in the prior six months combined. And then, April DOUBLED March. We saw a record number of Pacesetters in April AND a record number of people who made money for the first time. Because money follows momentum.

Our collective focus is to keep this momentum going, and it is crucial. Because money isn’t the end goal; the end goal is an abundance of freedom for you and your family.

We’re on our way to that goal, and here’s more good news: You don’t need to be perfect to get there. In fact, perfection is the enemy of momentum. You just need to keep moving forward with small actions. Keep reaching out to people every day. Follow the 2 Products, 3 Steps plan and help them get launched.

Push that momentum forward with daily actions.

Money, and freedom, will follow.