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What it means:

Match Up is a phrase that describes the provision in the algorithm that requires a user to earn as many points as someone they are matching on in order to be fully credited for match points.  If a user has earned 50 points in a given month and a referred user has earned 100 points, the referring user can only earn up to 50 match points from that referral.  The Match Up is part of the month end Marketer Match calculation and is determined after each user’s personal points are contributed to the platform in Pointribution.  

“The concept of match up is an important driver of accountability and making sure that each person does their part in the Trunited Platform.”

The Importance of Matching Up:


Example A:

After pointribution, User A has earned 100 personal profit points in a given month and has referred another user, User B, who has earned 150 personal profit points in the same month.  By the Match Up rules, User A will be awarded 100 match profit points from User B’s position.  User A is leaving 50 match profit points on the table, unearned, and could have earned those points if they would have earned 150 personal profit points.


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