Match Points

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What it means:

Match Points is a term used to describe the number of points a user is awarded from referring another user to the Trunited platform.  To earn match points, the marketer must earn at least 30 points in a given month.  Without at least 30 personal points, a user will not match that month upon those they connected.  Match points have also been called, “Connection Points.”

More Background and Detail:

The word “match” is used because that a user can only be awarded an equal number of profit points from the referral of another user that they have personally earned in a given month.  This rule, termed the Match Up, was created to require a user to personally contribute to the payout pool and not expect only others to contribute while they reap the benefits.  This is the first and only pay plan to implement such a provision.

As a user’s Trunited network grows, the opportunity to earn match points increases.  To be paid on these points, a user must qualify with at least 30 points.  With this, the user is qualified to earn up to 15 levels of depth credit and with that comes the opportunity to earn a substantial number of profit points through the marketer match.

“I would have earned 1000 match points if I would have paid more attention to the month.  I was only 1 point away from earning 30 points!”


Example A:

User A refers User B to the platform.  In a given month, User A has earned 30 personal profit points from shopping on the platform while User B has earned 100 personal profit points.  The Match Up dictates that a user can only match on the number of points that they have personally earned.  So, in this scenario, User A will earn an additional 30 points on this match from User B and will have a total of 60 points at the end of the month on which they will be paid.

User A could have matched on 100 points had they also earned 100 personal points in the month.  This process is repeated on every position or person in the network for which User A has depth credit.  If User A has earned 3 levels of depth and there are 20 positions with 30 points in levels 1-3 in depth, assuming they have met Best Practices, User A will be awarded 20 X 30 = 600 points from the marketer match.


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