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What it means:

Match Depreciation is a term used to describe a provision in the Pay Plan 360 algorithm that reduces the point earning value of a network position each time its points are matched on in a given month. The more times a position is matched upon, the less value in profit points the position rewards the next user matching on it. The maximum value starts with the closest user to the position and reduces the further the matching users are from the matched position up to 5 matches.

Match Depreciation is overcome by the appreciation reversal of the Best Practice Milestones. There are 5 total milestones that can reverse the full effect of the 5 match depreciation events. A user can earn 1-5 milestones in a given month and each must be earned before advancing to the next.

This provision is set up to reward the users who develop the strongest and most robust network while limiting abuse of the system by users who may only have one large branch of business from which they generate the majority of their match points.  Built on the pillar of fairness among users, this provision protects the point value from being decreased by earning points from the same position without adding real traffic and value to the system.  See the Match Depreciation graphic here and Best Practices Milestone graphic here.  See both together here.

More Information and Detail:

There are other platforms in the marketplace that offer money back for shopping.  As might be evident, Trunited is much more than a shop and earn opportunity.  It is an opportunity, for some, to be on the ground floor of the most innovative grassroots marketing company on earth.  The key ingredient to making that a reality is Trunited’s point value.  In other words, how much cash can the platform return to the user per point earned through shopping?   The higher the point value goes, the more incentive people have to participate in Socialized Commerce with Trunited.

The end goal of Trunited is to provide value to the end user whether they use the platform to shop and earn or shop, share and earn more.  The central driver to that goal is delivering a point value that is highly attractive to a user to get a return on their shopping.  The higher the point value, the higher the payout.  The higher the payout, the more attraction to new users.  The more attraction to new users, the more a marketer can connect.  The more a marketer connects, the more the marketer earns.  It all starts with the point value and the end user.  Match depreciation protects the Trunited users from a sudden large drop in point value.

Match depreciation is a provision in the pay plan 360 that provides the logic of a progressive depreciation schedule to protect the point value from being drastically impacted when multiple users match on the same position(s) and points without adequate contribution to the payout pool outside of that volume to offset the increase in points earned that month.  While a user who creates the points will always hold the 100% value, a second, third or fifth person matching on the same points would result in an increase in points without increase in revenue to the payout pool. The match depreciation schedule is designed to mitigate the dilution of the value of a point by dropping the percentage each time the position and points are matched on.

In the network building business, the concept of riding one horse to victory creates a negative stigma that repels consumers from participating in the platform.  To remedy that cultural stigma, Trunited implements a concept called Match Depreciation to its algorithm in order to create fairness to the system and to ensure users that the path to success is the same for everyone.  Success is reached through the comprehensive networking and shopping of many individual users and not by “finding the one or two individuals” who can make success happen for them.

The great news is that the Match Depreciation Safeguard doesn’t impact anyone who is creating the robust and profitable structure that is blueprinted for them in the Best Practices Guidelines.  The Best Practices Bonus awards will reverse the depreciation schedule which means that those who build a network that contributes to the value of the system will never be impacted by the Match Depreciation.

Contribution equals distribution.

“The Match Depreciation protects the point value and is like the depreciation of the value of a car the more owners it has.”

Match Depreciation Graphic:

Match Depreciation Schedule:

Match Depreciation Magic:


Example A:

Match Depreciation works as follows:

The first match earns 100%, the second match earns 75% and so forth up to 5 matches and beyond at 40%.  To be clear, the number of points earned on a match follows the Match Up rules as well as the Match Depreciation.  To illustrate, let’s a assume we have a User A with 50 points and User B is in their network at 8 levels deep and has 100 points for the month.  User B has already been matched on 5 times by the users between User A and User B.  First, the Match Up rule would award User A with 50 match points from User B’s activity.   Since this is the 5th + match, the depreciation schedule awards User A with 40% of the points available.  40% of 50 = 20.  User A would receive 20 profit points from this match.

Example B

Let’s examine how User A could have increased this value.  First, if User A would have earned 100 personal points instead of 50, they could have had 100 match points available to match on before depreciation from the Match Up rule AND they would have earned 45% instead of 40% because they would have reversed one level on the depreciation schedule.  That would have more than doubled the number of match points awarded to User A.  100 x 45% = 45 points.  If User A had followed the blueprint of Best Practices, the match depreciation schedule could have been reversed fully to award 100% of the 100 points to them.  This would have required the remaining 4 blueprint milestones to be reached in the Best Practices Bonus guidelines.

Example C:

Order of events in the Month End Marketer Match

  1. Calculate Personal Profit Points
  2. 30 Point Match Qualifier
  3. Skip Structure Compressed
  4. Rank, Title and Depth Credit Revealed
  5. Match Up Determined
  6. Match Depreciation Adjusted
  7. Best Practices Milestones Reversal
  8. Pre-Pointribution Match Profit Points
  9. Calculate the Point Value
  10. Pointribution Pay Back
  11. Users’ Final Profit Points Calculated
  12. Points Convert to Cash


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